Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2013 – Hyderabad – External Track Questions

Teams –

Google India, Novartis, Dr. Reddy’s, Deloitte, Infosys, Sai Mitra Constructions


Round 1:

1. The Hoovers Company introduced this and it was inspired by the sport of boxing. It was something that they decided to position differently with respect to fruits. What did they position themselves as?

– Fruit of the Loom

2. It is a word that comes from an old French word that means an instrument kept in custody by a third party on behalf of the other two parties. Which word?

– Escrow

3. ‘We won’t be signing off till the world ends’. Who started thus?

– CNN; Ted Turner

4. This item of high value in the world in the past gets its name from the French word for nail because it resembles one. What consumable item that is prescribed by doctors for pain relief are we talking about?

– Clove

5. What gets its name in the modern world where the word means a sudden unsolicited attack by a group of tigers? It is used in current marketing parlance.

– Ambush

6. What is the meaning of the term demarketing?

– Marketing that is done so as to plan the death of a brand/product. It is applicable in instances where there is an inability to deal with excess demand.

Round 2:

1. Identify:

Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 8.47.53 PM

– Omega

2. Brand of shoe from a company called Karhu. What is the significance?

Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 8.50.49 PM

– Adidas three stripe logo was purchased from Karhu Sports.

3. This is a book about whom?

Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 8.52.41 PM

– Isaac Newton

4.  What is the significance of the image?


– Benjamin Netanyahu holding his certificate for drawing a Google doodle. It is the first and only Google doodle to be drawn by a living statesman.

5. Identify the logo:

Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 9.01.27 PM


6. This logo gave a huge problem to the Olympic Association. Whose logo?


– Haloid/Xerox

Round 3:

1. Pickled, tea, powdered, dry are some of the uses of a root. (Buzzer pressed)

– Ginger; Roots; Hospitality

2. This Tata company has categorizations such as Life, Farm, Living, Industries.  (Buzzer pressed)

– Tata Chemicals

3. Loyalty is no longer part of hospitality. Club Card is offered by which Tata brand?

– Star Bazaar

4. Millenium Steel which was acquired by Tata Steel is a company from which Asian country?

– Thailand

Round 4:


Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 11.37.26 AM

Along with Music featured regularly on IPL.



Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 11.52.16 AM

– Pidilite


Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 11.59.41 AM


– Prasoon Joshi


Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 12.05.19 PM




Round 5:

1. File Maker, Braeburn Capital are subsidiaries of which famous company?

– Apple Inc.

2. “He is the new Senapati”. This company went for a complete overhaul. What is being talked about?

– CFO of Wipro; Suresh Senapati

3. It is an ancient method of producing a pattern which in Japanese (Buzzer pressed)

– Batik

4. This company in 1997 was developed by Jim Barton and Mike Ramsay through a corporation they named “Teleworld”. Which company?

– TiVo

5. Neal Stephenson’s book title Snow Crash was released in 1992. Which term (Buzzer pressed)

– Second Life




Infosys – Sridhar Reddy and Surendra Reddy


Sai Mitra Constructions – Naveen Kumar and Ravi Shekar

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2013 – Hyderabad – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2013 – Hyderabad




Infosys – Sridhar Reddy and Surendra Reddy


Sai Mitra Constructions – Naveen Kumar and Ravi Shekar


1. Which company discovered the polymer ‘Lycra’?

– Du Pont

2. How is the mobile service network company popularly known as BATATA known today?

– Idea Cellular

3. Who is the official brand ambassador of the State of West Bengal?

– Shah Rukh Khan

4. Who was the founding president of facebook and a co-founder of Napster?

– Shawn Parker

5. Logo of which game?


– Subway Surfers

6. This is a term that describes ‘an informal channel of business communication generally by means of gossip’. What?

– Grapevine

7. What is the tax levied on every purchase on sale of securities in India that are listed?

– STT (Security Transaction Tax)

8. ‘Your world delivered’ is the tagline of which telecom company?

– AT&T

9. This was the former name of SanDisk, the name was coined by founder Eli Harari’s daughter who suggested a name that sounded cheerful & sunny. What was the suggested name?

– SunDisk

10. This is the biggest jewelry showroom in Hyderabad featuring Mahesh Babu. Which store?

– Jos Alukkas

11. The world’s first smartphone with Firefox OS was launched in July 2013. What is it called?

– ZTE Open

12. Which clothing brand was founded by Don & Doris Fisher refers to a phrase used to describe a generational difference between baby boomers and their parents?

– GAP Clothing

13. Who owns the brands Nickelodeon, MTV and VH1?

– Viacom International

14. Which company was started when its founder created the plastic coated tetrahedron patented on 27 March 1944?

– Tetra Pak

15. Which group owns this?


– Enadu Group/ Ramoji Rao Group

16. Which company is the subject of the Adam Cohen book, ‘The Perfect Store’?

– eBay

17. First introduced in 1878 by Constantin Fahlberg, a chemist working at the Johns Hopkins University, he noticed a sweet taste on his hand one evening and connected this with the compound that he had been working on that day. What did he create?

– Saccharin

18.”Transform your face on FB” was a controversial app launched by which company in India?

– Vaseline

19. This online music streaming service was started in 2007 when Snehal Shinde and her brother saw the lack of bollywood specific streaming services. What did they create?

– Dhingana

20.  Identify the person from the algorithm –


Larry Page; PageRank

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2013 – Indore – External Track Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2013 – Indore – External Track Questions

Finalists: Mittal Appliances, CH Institute of Management, R S Power Solutions, Shiksha Content, Connekt Tech

Round 1:

1)    India first produced a coin with an Indian on it in 1964. Who was the Indian?

Ans. Jawaharlal Nehru

2)    Which Swedish tech Giant is the world’s largest manufacturer of ball bearings?

Ans. SKF

3)    What do “Disloyalty cards” signify?

Ans. Go Swadeshi

4)    What is crowdfunding?

Ans. Raising funds online

5)    When mini cooper launched in the US, their ads said “ Let’s sip, not guzzle”. What was the message?

Ans. Fuel efficiency

6)    Which company came up with the concept of 8 hr work days?

Ans. Tata Steel

Round 2:

1. Advert for?



2. In the following Dilbert cartoon strip “The brown ring of quality” refers to the logo of which company?


– Lucent Technologies

3. Dr. Spencer – worked on wave technology and discovered what?


-Microwave Oven

4. This lines of mechanical pencils were first produced by which company?


– Sharp

5. Pham Nhat Vuong- Founder of VIN Group. The first Billionaire of which country?


– Vietnam

6. Old identity of which organization?


– Corporation Bank

Round 3:

1)    This famous lady in Indian business is a TATA Global Beverages board of directors member. Who?

Ans. Mallika Sreenivasan

2)    “Do right” campaign has been launched by?

Ans. TATA Capital

3)    This railway station has been named as a tribute to the Tatas. What is the name of the station?

Ans. TATA Nagar

4)    It was a small concept called Littlewoods. It came to India and was acquired by the Tatas. What?

Ans. Westside

Round 4:



– Arvind Mills



– PVP Investments



– Novartis

Round 5:

1)    Amazon.com entered India with the launch of which website?

Ans. Junglee.com

 2)    Company started by Natalia Luckynova and Keith Sheperd, Temple run is its famous product

Ans. Imangi Studios

3)    Started in 2003 by Helsinki University students Niklas Hed, Jarno Väkeväinen, and Kim Dikert as “Relude”

Ans. Rovio




RS Power Solutions – Apoorv K and Ms.Ashwini Karandikar


Shiksha Content – Ms.Shubhangi Vaidya and Ashish Vaidya


-Review by Pradyoth.

Pradyoth is a PGP student at IIM Indore Mumbai campus. He won the inaugural edition of TATA Crucible campus quiz at Navi Mumbai. He is also the founder and head of Quriosity, the quiz club of IIM Indore Mumbai campus.

Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2013 – Indore – Preliminary Round

Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz – 2013 Indore



RS Power Solutions – Apoorv K and Ms.Ashwini Karandikar


Shiksha Content – Ms.Shubhangi Vaidya and Ashish Vaidya


1)      In the name JC penny, what does JC stand for?

Ans. James Cash

2)      Skywards is the loyalty program of which airline?

Ans. Emirates

3)      Chicago based architecture firm Perkins & Will designed which famous building in Mumbai? It is described by some as an ostentatious display of wealth.

Ans. Antilla

4)      Horlicks ahar abhayan is a program that addresses the problem of malnutrition in children. Which Indian actress is its ambassador?

Ans. Vidya Balan

5)      Visual (Actual one used not known)- Advert for which device?

Ans. iPad mini

6)      Due to rising temperatures in Stockholm and the ban on wearing shorts, what did train drivers resort to?

Ans. Started wearing skirts

7)      Brand X was sold to  (NYSE: BG). In the 1930ss, the company Dada & Co. Insisted that the product X should reflect their name. X and Y?

Ans. Dalda, Bunge

8)      Manohar Pherwani headed an expert study group in 1991 which lead to the creation of what?

Ans. NSE

9)      Which brand recently created India’s first crowdsourced song, featuring Alia Bhatt?

Ans. Maybelline

10)    “The map and the territory”, is a book by which Former federal chief?


Ans. Alan Greenspan

11)   James bond is seen enjoying a drink from which dutch company in Skyfall?

Ans. Heineken

12)   Which company has recently forayed into the deodorant spray market which the launch of “Couples” deo?

Ans. ITC

13)   American Businessman Harold Alfond, who founded the Dexter shoe company, is credited with creating which retail format?

Ans. Factory outlets

14)   What is the full form of CIPLA?

Ans. Chemical, Industrial & Pharmaceutical Laboratories

15)   Which Indian institution does he head?


Ans. SBI

16)   The last one to shut down will be park street in Kolkata. Id this RP Goenka owned brand.

Ans. Musicworld

17)   This term was coined in 2009 by Navi Radjou. The examples of these include the pepsi atom and the McAloo Tikkiburger. Which term?

Ans. Indovation

18)   Who hosts the TV show “Dimensions” on CNN IBN?

Ans. Vijay Amritraj

19)   Which bank in Europe first introduced bank notes?

Ans. Bank of Sweden

20)   Jan Koum and Brian Acton are associated with which famous mobile chat service?

Ans. Whatsapp

-Review by Pradyoth.

Pradyoth is a PGP student at IIM Indore Mumbai campus. He won the inaugural edition of TATA Crucible campus quiz at Navi Mumbai. He is also the founder and head of Quriosity, the quiz club of IIM Indore Mumbai campus.

Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2013 – Pune – External Track Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2013 – Pune – External Track Questions


  • WINNER: IBM – Rohit Jain and Arnold D’Souza
  • RUNNER UP: Asma Institute of Management – Prof. Raghunandan and Prof.  Sudeep

Round 1:

1.     Built by Herzoc Demeuron and the Arup Group, it is the home of Bayern Munich, a stadium with a capacity for 72,000 people. Who bought the naming rights of the stadium for a 30 year period?

A: Allianz

2.     The CEO of the company wanted a short, snappy name for the company, which conveys ‘vitality’, and can be pronounced in any language the same way, reflecting the desire of the company to gain an international position. The first name that was decided was ‘Elan’, but was later changed to its current name. What?

A: Axa

3.     This organisation was involved in mapping the Oryx DNA project, similar to the ‘Save The Tiger’ project. Which organisation?

A: The Qatar Foundation

4.     This Indian company launched a brand caked ‘Serpina’, acknowledged as the world’s first anti-hypertensive drug in 1934. Which company?

A: Himalaya

5.     ‘I.Am.Auto.’ is a car customization company, where the CEO himself partakes in the production process. Who is the man behind this?

A: Will.I.Am.

6.     This company, after great deliberation and thought, came out with the idea of ‘Maternity Leave’.


Round 2:

1.     ID this Indian personality.


– Sanjay Narang from Mars Group

2. Name the author of the book.


– Seth Godin

3. Crossword on NYT containing the entire history of the company. Which one?



4. Identify the logo.


– Brylcreem

5. Identify the man, after whom a great (clothing) brand is named.


– Vimal Ambani

6. Identify this contributor to Windows.


– Wes Cherry, developer of Solitare

Round 3:

1.     Which Tata enterprise has associations with Marks & Spencer, Mango, Zara, etc.


2.     Joint venture between Tata Group and Poltrona Frau Group, involving luxury furnishing and interior decoration.

A: Casa Décor

3.     This started out as a support system for Tata Companies (Buzzer pressed)


4.     Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (Buzzer pressed)


Round 4:


Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 2.05.38 PM

– Cholayil Group


Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 1.59.39 PM

– Tommy Hilfiger


Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 1.54.22 PM

– Tata Global Beverages


Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 1.50.12 PM

– Godrej Hershey’s

Round 5:

1.     In 1983, Kerala Newsprint Project was acquired by HPL and was named?

A: Hindustan Newsprint

2.     The name derives from the Arabic word ‘union’.

A: Etihad Airways

3.     His brother is the chairman of the Sakaal Media Group.

A: Sharad Pawar (Pratap Pawar)


Questions jotted down by Kaustuv Das.

Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2013 – Pune – Tata Track Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2013 – Pune


  • WINNER: TCS – Ms.Abha Shah and Suchir Sen
  • RUNNER UP: Tata Sky – Vivek Koka and Arjun Siva

Round 1:

1.     This was originally introduced in 1951 as part of the Festival of Britain Celebrations. Because of its success and popularity, it has become a global annual event. What is this event?

A: The Miss World beauty pageant

2.     Which Indian organization owns the Screen Awards?

A: The Indian Express group

3.     This was the first European football club to come out with an IPO and listed in the London Stock Exchange. Which club?

A: Tottenham Hotspurs

4.     This subsidiary of Fosters is the sponsor on the jerseys of the Australian cricket team when they play overseas. What are we talking about?

A: Victoria Bitter

5.     Ages ago, while testing and tasting this product, a hundred caskets were laid out and all had to be sampled. Out of this one was selected. What are we talking about?

A: Vat 69

6.     Pepsi has a vitamin-enriched variation that was first seen in Back to the Future Part II. It is a fictional drink, set in 2015, and PepsiCo is considering launching this variation in 2015 to commemorate the film. What is the name of this variation?

A: Pepsi Perfect

Round 2:

1. Why did United Air name one of their planes after Thomas Stuker?


–  First person to have 1 million frequent flier miles.

2. Grit, Guts and Gumption, authored by Rajesh Chakrabarti, is a book based on which famous Indian enterprise?


– State Bank of India

3. ‘What if we were 75 years old’ was the tagline used in the vintage representation of which modern enterprise?


– youtube.com

4. Identify the brand from the image.


– Samsonite

5. Rahul Roushan, an alumni of IIM-A, started a website which was acquired by the online news website FirstPost. Which website?


– FakingNews.com

6. Identify the company.


–  Greengold Animation (creators of Chhota Bheem)

Round 3:

1.     The Tatas created an interesting concept to motivate children and inspire them about entrepreneurship. What?

A: Tata Jagrati Express

2.     In March 2009, this construction giant received the contract to supply steel for the manufacture of aircraft carriers by the Royal Navy. In the legal battle, what was the name of the applicant?

A: Corus

3.     It contains TSRF technology and destroys bacteria.What?

A: Tata Swach

4.     Nani Palkhivala was the second chairman of which Tata company?

A: Tata Consultancy Services

Round 4:

1.     When the value of investments increase, but the owner does not intend to sell the stocks anytime in the future, then that increase in profits is reflected as what sort of profits?

A: Paper Profit

2.     Cheesesteak factories have been opening across the globe due to a trend set by a popular television show and its characters. What is this credited to?

A: The Big Bang Theory

3.     Singer and actor, Dhanush, has signed on with what brand to retain the ‘freshness’ of the brand. Which brand?

A: Centre Fresh

4. Which product brand name derives its name from the bacteria Strepsococcus?

 A: Strepsils

Round 5:

1.     Founded as an American messenger company in 1907, by Casey and Ryan.


2.     Belgium conferred the Commander of the Order of Leopold II to which Indian businessman, born in 1949?

A: Naresh Goyal (Chairman of Jet Airways)

3.     The management thinker Joseph Juran first suggested this, and named it after an Italian economist. What?

A: Pareto Analysis



Questions jotted down by Kaustuv Das.

Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2013 – Pune – Preliminary Round

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2013 – Pune Leg

Results (Tata Track):

  • WINNER: TCS – Ms.Abha Shah and Suchir Sen
  • RUNNER UP: Tata Sky – Vivek Koka and Arjun Siva

Results (Non Tata Track):

  • WINNER: IBM – Rohit Jain and Arnold D’Souza
  • RUNNER UP: Asma Institute of Management – Prof. Raghunandan and Prof.  Sudeep

Preliminary Round:

1. Who is the fashion director of Satya Paul in India?

(Clue – She is the child of a renowned cricketer and a yesteryear actress)

–       Masaba Gupta

2. It was the first place in India to screen a movie and is India’s oldest iron cast building. Sadiq Ali currently owns it. Which building?

(Clue – It is now a hotel called the ______)

–       The Watson Hotel

3. This Italian luxury fashion house is footing the bill of € 2.18 Million for the restoration of the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Which entity?

(Options – Armani or Prada or Fendi)

–       Fendi

4. Edward Snowden, now on the run, was employed with the Hawaii office of which firm?

–       Booz Allen Hamilton

5. Fill in the blank/ what is the name of the book?

(Clue – The title of the book is also the name of a film starring Charlie Chaplin)


– Gold Rush

6. In 1541, reforms implemented by John Calvin banning the wearing of jewels, forced goldsmiths and other jewelers to turn to what new craft, thereby giving birth to a industry?

(Clue – It relates to a common human accessory)

–       Watch making/watches

7. In 2013, Italian pen maker, Montegrappa released a model called number ‘4’ which recalls the legendary ‘Million Dollar Quartet’ of Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and a fourth musician. The pioneering Sun Records artists met for one occasion only, and the date on which it occurred was December 4th, 1956. Who is this famous 4th musician?

–       Elvis Presley

8. http://www.jiyobefikarchamps.com is a junior football camp by which company?

–       Bajaj Allianz

9. Lead heroine charged Rs. 11/- and the person on whom the story was based on, charged Rs. 1/-. Which 2013 film?

–       Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

10. Three letter abbreviation of book missing. What is it?


–       CEO

11. After which country is the largest selling imported vodka named in Russia, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary?

–       Finland/Finlandia

12. British fashion designer is making ‘futuristic’ uniforms for 7500 crew of the Virgin Atlantic. Who?

–       Vivienne Westwood

13. Which Ad agency created India’s first telefilm Janam in 1985-86?

(Options – Mudra or Contract or Trikaya Grey)

–       Mudra

14. The tagline for Ravi Shankar’s first endorsement, which he did with his daughter Anoushka Shankar, read as “Let us bring harmony to animals”. Which entity?

(Clue – It is in relation to animals and is an organization.)

–       PETA

15. This famous personality moved to Springfield for one episode. Who?


–       Julian Assange

16. This two word term was coined in the 1940s by Hindustan Thomson Associated (JWT) to advertise for Horlicks. Which term?

(Clue – It is a two word punch line found in most nutrition lexicons. Horlicks provides you __________ _________)

–       Balanced Nutrition

17. According to a survey by Hotels.com, Geneva has overtaken Paris as the most expensive city & New Delhi, has been voted as the cheapest city to buy which food item?

–       Club Sandwich

18. According to JRD Tata, a _______ life is a part of an economic life. Which word?

–       Ethical

19. What is common to Grameen Bank, Grameen Phone, Gonoshahthaya Grameen Textile and Grameen Cybernet? It is a specific commonality.

–       Specific Grameen companies which are for profit.

20. Identify this product.

(Clue – It is the jeweled or decorated version of a simple item we consume almost daily.)


– Faberge Egg