K-Circle – April 2014 – Quiz of the Month

K-Circle – April 2014 – Quiz of the Month 

Sachin Ravi had conducted the April 2014 Quiz of the Month for K-Circle at Lamakaan, Hyderabad.

Have a look!



Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – International Finals Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – International Finals Questions


KIIT Bhubaneswar: Omkar Amrutanshu & Sagar Saurabh

Runners up

University of Strathclyde: Anoop Nair & Igor Pyrko

International Finals

1. To commemorate an event that took place many years ago on April 12, the company Shturmanskie released a limited edition watches, which was not sold normally except under certain special circumstances. What event and what was the special circumstances under which the watch was sold?

A. To commemorate the Yuri Gagarin’s entry into space, the watches would be sold to customers only at a height above 30,000 ft. in aircrafts.

2. Southern Maid Donuts is a Louisiana based company founded by Mr. and Mrs. Hargroove. A certain person visited their place for the donuts whenever he made a trip to Louisiana. One day Mr. and Mrs. Hargroove requested that person to sing a jingle for the donut company he liked, for which he obliged and wrote and sang a jingle. This remains to be the only endorsement by this person. Which famous celebrity?

A. Elvis Presley

3. What is the significance of the Pele Pact in the world of business?

A. A few months prior to the 1970 FIFA World Cup, Adidas and Puma had entered into an agreement which was dubbed the “The Pelé pact”. This agreement dictated that Pelé would be out of bounds for both Adidas and Puma. However, Pelé at the opening whistle of a 1970 World Cup finals match, stopped the referee with a last-second request to tie his shoelaces before kneeling down to give millions of television viewers a close-up of the Puma shoes he was wearing.

4. He runs a charity organisation called PeaceEarth which is committed to spreading peace in the conflict areas. He is the UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Peace and he has undertaken major steps to promote peace in Uganda. Who?

A. Forest Whithaker.

5. At around 450 BC, ancient Persian king Artaxerxes  the prophet, who was working as a royal cup-bearer, was granted letters from the king requesting the governors of the lands beyond the Euphrates to grant him safe passage to Judah. The purpose of Nehemiah’s visit, incidentally, was to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. What is this the origin of of?

A. Passports.

6. Plan A was starting a dating website called – “Tune in, hook up”, plan A failed as it did not get enough traction. What was the Plan B which is an extremely popular entity in the world we live in. What?

A. Youtube.

 Round 2 – Visuals

1. Name the trademark originating from the map?

Scotish Island

A. Harris Tweed.

2. What is the subject of this advertisement released by PaddyPower?

Pic 3

A. An auction on whether Oscar Pistorius will be proven guilty by the court for murdering his girlfriend.

3. An old emblem of the Knights, in which brand’s logo has it been immortalized?

Pic 4

A. Oreo biscuits.

4. Whose property?

Pic 5

A. Paris Hilton.

5. Who has co-authored this book with Robert Greene?

Pic 2

A. 50 Cent.

6. Which celebrity’s charity organization working to eradicate AIDS?

Pic 6

A. Elton John.

Round 3

1. What was founded in 1886 by William Grant in Dufftown, Scotland, in the valley of the river, it literally translates to “Valley of the deer”?

A. Glenfiddich

2. What entity is measured not in length and breadth but in surface area, and has ISO – 216?

A. Paper sizes

3. It is a type of newspaper with 18.5 by 12.4 inches measurement. What?

A. Berliner.

4. Karoshi is the Japanese term for death by ___________?

A. Hard work.

Round – 4 – Connects

1. Connect;

 C 1

A. Bitcoin.

2. Connect:

C 3

A. Ban Ki Moon.

3. Connect:

C 2

A. Marie Curie.

4. Connect:

C 4

A. Time’s person of year.

Round – 5 – Three Clues

1. Clue – 1: Silvio Gazzinga created it while working for the Italian firm GDE Bertoni?

Clue – 2: This time it stated its journey on September 12, 2013 and the total distance covered by it during the tour will be 149,576.78?

A. FIFA 2014 World Cup.

2. Clue – 1:The price of the exotic fruit Mangsteen rose up drastically in 2014 because of it.

Clue – 2: This was the 404th time this company had produced by it?

A. MH 370

3. Clue – 1: Atlantic Records were optimystic above his success suand put faith in him?

2. Clue – 2: His Ad for his favorite airline was based on the “flower duet” and taken from the French Opera “Lakme”?

A. Yanni

Tie Breaker

1. What was designed by Desré Buirski in 1994 on hand printed batik shirt which said “Thank you” and the shirt was presented to a particular person.

A. Madiba Shirt.

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – National Finals Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – National Finals Questions


  • WINNER : ICAI Bangalore – Vijay & Mohit Jain
  • RUNNER UP : KIIT Bhubaneswar – Omkar Amrutanshu & Sagar Saurabh


Round – 1 – Global Attention

1. Which famous music logo is known  as  “La Voix de son Maître” (France), “La Voz de su Amo” (Spain), “A Voz do Dono” (Portugal), “La Voce del Padrone” (Italy), “Die Stimme seines Herrn” (Germany)?

A. His Master’s Voice (HMV).

2. Mr. James J specialized in a form of sloganeering which stressed linking a brand name to product qualities or intended benefits. The goal was to help consumers remember the sponsor as they faced ever-growing platoons of products on increasingly crowded store shelves, few examples include “Delta is ready when you are,” “Quaker Oatmeal, it’s the right thing to do” and “Wisk beats ring around the collar”. What in the world of advertising is this?

A. Nameonics, a play on mnemonics.

3. Which company founded in 1883 by G. A. Krause has Caterpillar, Harley Davidson and Patogonia Footwear as its licensed brands?

A. Wolverine Worldwide

4. In the early part of the 20th century, a typewriter was marketed under this name, which is a common English word. It was developed by Wellington Parker Kidder and the first model was marketed by the the company bearing the common word in its name.. An agreement with Remington in 1924 saw production transferred to Remington, and a further agreement in 1929 allowed Underwood to produce it as well. They advertised it as “No one wants a typewriter with ___________”. What?

A. Noiceless Typewriter, developed by Noiseless Typewriter Company in 1917.

5. It was founded in 1896, they supplied to the banquet hosted in honour of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s first visit to Scotland. The brand has a creature with a scientific name “lagopus scotica, the logo was designed by the founder’s daughter. The creature forms the second word, the first word was added to the brand to reflect its popularity in 1905. Which brand?

A. Famous Grouse.

6. The first one was sold for $200 in 1896 to Charles Ainsley. Two more were built, one in 1899, and another in 1901. the first one was bought back for $60. Which invention, that transformed the automobile industry?

A. Quadracycle.

Round 2 – Visuals

1. Identify?


A. Lammily Doll, created through crowd sourcing, a prototype barbie doll made to the exact measurements of an average 19 year old American.

2. Identify?


A. Cronut, which is a croissant-doughnut pastry invented and trademarked by Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City.

3. Identify the strategy?

Blue Ocean Strategy

A. Blue Ocean Strategy.

4. What does this miracle machine do?

Miracle Machine

A. Converts water to wine!

5. Identify this 28 year old American CEO?


A. Autumn Radtke, CEO of First Meta, who died at the age of 28. 

6. What happened next?


A. This is at the launch of the Virgin Cola, Richard Branson fires a Virgin Cola from the tanker to a Coco Cola signboard.

Round – 3 – Tata Round

1. Ben Kingsley features for an AD of which Tata company?


A. Jaguar.

2. Armenian sportsman Levon Aronian connects to which Tata company?

Tata Steel

A. Winner of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2014.

3. These two people give their name to a company which is integral to the Tata brand?

Wolf Ollins

A. Wolf Ollins.

4. Guinness Book of World Records choose which beautiful place in Mumbai for their auditions?

Taj Lands End

A. Taj Lands End

Round – 4 – Think Tenfold

1. Connect to a person:

Connect 1

A. Newton.

2. Connect:

Connect 3

A. Black Box.

3. Connect:

Connect 4

A. Indian Railways.

4. Connect:

Connect 2

A. David Beckham.

Round 5

1. In 1918, Charles P. Rudebaker introduced it for the first time on the streets of New York?

A. Traffic Cone.

2. Which Asian currency gets its name from the Portuguese way of referring to the Mexican Dollar?

A. Pataka, the currency of Macau.

3. What was founded on January 25, 1950, the first man to head it was Mr. Sukumar Sen and Ms. Rama Devi was the first lady to head it?

A. Election Commission of India.

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Western Zonal Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Western Zonal Round Questions



Symbiosis Pune – Arjun Krishna and Ashish Vasvani


VNIT Nagpur – Pranjal and Pawan


ROUND 1 (Global Attention)

1. Founded in 2005 by Marc Lore and Vinit Bharara in Montclair, NJ, Diapers.com is the largest online specialty retailer for baby products. Who acquired it ?

A. Amazon.com acquired Quidsi, Inc., which operates Diapers.com

2. Question on Justin Bieber Fragrance.

3. Chinese stock markets  fell on 4th June . Why ?

A. Anniversary of the June 4, 1989, crackdown on student-led democracy protests centered on Beijing’s Tiananmen Square

4. Thai woman delivered six children (sextuplets), she named the sextuplets after what ?

A. Audi, Fortune (Toyota Fortuner), Porsche, Mini, Volkswagen and Fiat (Car Brands)

5. Question on Lemon Tree Hotels.

6. In 1868, London-Benjamin invented a domestic version of something which is used in almost every home. What?

A. Geysers.


1.  This letter was sent in relation to which company?


A. Honda

2. Who bought this car?


A. Elon Musk.

3. Name the creator?

Stan Lee

A. Stan Lee

4. Name the inventor?

Da Vinci

A. Leonardo Da Vinci

5. What is blanked out?


A. Everything


1. Sponsor of New Your Marathon?


2. TRIF launched 600 real estate fund, which Tata company?

A. Tata Realty

3. Which Tata company was conferred with the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering foundation?


ROUND 4 (Think Tenfold )

1. Connect:


A. Adobe

2. Connect:


A. Micromax

3. Connect:


A. Sony.

3. Connect:


A. Maggi



a) The founder was often called “Henry Ford of Eastern Europe”. [Buzzer Pressed]

A. Thomas Bata


a) Logitech was the first to market it to consumers and Nokia was once the largest manufacturer of this. [Buzzer Pressed]

A. Digital Camera


a) In 2005 , it established Lifespring Hospitals , a 50-50 JV with Us Bare Acumen fund.


HLL Lifecare

A. HLL Lifecare

Questions contributed by Mr. Viraj Morabia. 

As per Viraj “I am a final year student of Bachelor of Management studies (BMS) at S.M.Shetty College (Powai). Business Quizzing is a passion to me and winning Tata Crucible National / International is a dream. I started quizzing 2 years back and have won over 50 Quizzes in Mumbai and Pune. I started quizzing when no one from my ex-college was ready to be my partner and since then took up the challenge and went on to be one of the best business quizzers in my city”.


Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Mumbai – Regional Finals Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Mumbai – Regional Finals Questions


  • WINNER :

TISS – Sandeep Banga and Sachin Deshpande


SM Shetty Powai – Viraj Morabia and Ms.Kinnari Ganatra


Final Round:

ROUND 1 (Global aTention):

1.This brand of soap whose name comes from a french word for “Jewel”. Which brand?

A. Camay

2. 1915 , Atheletic shoes for tennis players , Star as logo

A. Converse

3. What was launched in 1933 by Thomas J.C. Martyn, a former foreign-news editor for Time. He obtained financial backing from a group of U.S. stockholders “which included Ward Cheney, of the Cheney silk family, John Hay Whitney, and Paul Mellon, son of Andrew W. Mellon”. ?


4. Crook , Runnner , Stretcher , Tip , Ferrule , Top notch as components

A. Umbrella.

5. Which group owned the company which manufactured the Raj Dhoot bike?

A. Escorts.

6. Behind Wheels At Chrslyer is a book about legacy of which leader?

A. Lee Iacocca. 

Round 2(Visual Potential)

1. Name the author?

Philip Crosby

A. Philip Crosby.

2. Name the brand?

Stella Rtois

A. Stella Artois.

3. Funda?

Hell Currency

A. Hell Currency(In China this money is given to relatives which are dead for a better after life). 

4. How do we better know this set?


A. Navaratnas

5. Identify the brand advertised?


A. Complan.

6. Identify?

Janest Yallen

A. Janet Yallen.

Round 3 (TATA WORLD)

1. What is the present avatar of VSNL?

A. Tata Communication

2.How do we know the Tata brand “Eoc”?

A. 8’O Clock Coffee

3. “Do Right Campaign” is the initiative from which Tata company?

A. Tata Capital

4. Landmark is which Tata company’s property?

A. Trent

Round 4 (Think Tenfold)

1. Connect:


A. Spice Mobiles.

2. Connect:


A. Liverpool.

3. Connect:


A. Kinetic

4. Connect:



Round 5

1. Clue 1- Carl Ghosn

A. Nissan Renault


Clue 1: Oscillator

Clue 2:


Clue 3 – Slate


3. Clue 1 – Their Initiative –


A. P&G

Questions contributed by Mr. Viraj Morabia. 

As per Viraj “I am a final year student of Bachelor of Management studies (BMS) at S.M.Shetty College (Powai). Business Quizzing is a passion to me and winning Tata Crucible National / International is a dream. I started quizzing 2 years back and have won over 50 Quizzes in Mumbai and Pune. I started quizzing when no one from my ex-college was ready to be my partner and since then took up the challenge and went on to be one of the best business quizzers in my city”.

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Mumbai – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Mumbai – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER :

TISS – Sandeep Banga and Sachin Deshpande


SM Shetty Powai – Viraj Morabia and Ms.Kinnari Ganatra

Preliminary Round:

1. What was once known officially in the US & Canada as the National School bus chrome ?

A.Yellow Colour

2. Playground is an education initiative from this company and is based on Finnish style of school learning through play to make education fun.

A. Rovio (Angry Bird)

3. In 1959 this Bank acquired Mercantile Bank of India , London & China with the capital of Rs 50 Lakhs in October 1853.

A. HSBC Bank

4. Founders of which cult brand?


A. Harley Davidson

5. This bank is promoted by Aga Khan fund for Economic Development ( AKFED ).

A. DCB (Development Credit Bank)

6. The Bandra-Worli sea link was lit in pink in September as a part of a Company’s Breast Cancer awareness drive.

A. Estée Lauder.

7. In around 1908, Thomas Sullivan a New York tea merchant started to send sample of tea in unusual way.

A. Tea Bags

8. Print Advertisement (It’s not because of one woman but because of eleven men)

A. Coca Cola

9. Wilbur Ross sold International Steel Group to him for $4.5 Billion Dollars.Whom ?

A. Laxmi Mittal

10. Whose first recorded patent was an electronic voting machine?

A. Thomas Alva Edison

11.Inspired by a speech by antiseptic advocate Joseph Lister, Robert Wood  and his brothers James Wood and Edward Mead created a line of ready-to-use surgical dressings in 1885.Which company?

 A. Johnson & Johnson

12.Which Bollywood Actor endorses Intex Mobiles ?

A. Farhan Akhtar

13.David owns Skydance Production is the son of which IT Billionare ?

A. Larry Ellison

14. From “Pure Indulgence” to “Escape into One”. Which Brand ?

A. Dark Fantasy

15. Founders of the which innovative company?


A. 3M

16. Omnicom Group merged with ?

A. Publicis

17. Expand TGV

A. Train Grande Vitesse

18. In February 1980, Mark Hughes began selling his weight management product from the trunk of his car. Hughes often stated that the genesis of his product and program stemmed from the weight loss concerns of his mother Joanne, whose premature death he attributed to an eating disorder and an unhealthy approach to weight loss. His goal was to change the nutritional habits of the world. He is the founder of which company?

A. Herbalife

19. Connect this company with an Oscar winning actor?


A. Charlie Chaplin.

Questions contributed by Mr. Viraj Morabia. 

As per Viraj “I am a final year student of Bachelor of Management studies (BMS) at S.M.Shetty College (Powai). Business Quizzing is a passion to me and winning Tata Crucible National / International is a dream. I started quizzing  2 years back and have won over 50 Quizzes in Mumbai and Pune. I started quizzing when no one from my ex-college was ready to be my partner and since then took up the challenge and went on to be one of the best business quizzers in my city”.

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Southern Zonal Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Southern Zonal Round Questions



ICAI Bangalore – Vijay and Mohit Jain


TAPMI – Rithwik and Krishna

Southern Zonal Rounds:

Round 1:

1. In 1935, the deaths of six of Bramani’s mountaineering friends in the Italian Alps was partly blamed on inadequate footwear. The tragedy drove Bramani to develop a new climbing sole. It is is well known for pioneering the barefoot running movement with the FiveFingers line of shoes that mimic the look and mechanics of being barefoot.


2. Keystone Group launching a unique restuarent in Sydney. Claim to fame?

Chefs are winners of Master Chef TV show

3. It was originally a pliable, putty-like substance concocted by Noah McVicker and Joe McVicker of Cincinnati-based soap manufacturer Kutol Products. What?

Play doh

4. Canadian musician Dave Carroll and his band had a trilogy of songs about customer service of which company?

United Airlines, Song – United Breaks Guitars

5. Originally began as a series of short-lived speaking clubs organized by Ralph C. Smedley during his tenure with the YMCA. In 1903, as education director of the YMCA facility in Bloomington, Illinois.


6. In 1966, Richard M. Schulze and a business partner opened Sound of Music, an electronics store specializing in high fidelity stereos in Saint Paul, Minnesota. How do we know it now?

Best Buy 


Round 2:

1. Identify the person:


Ray Dolby

2. What is blanked out?


Oreo Sandwich

3. Question on Firestone Tyres.

4. Identify the brand.


5. First product from which company?


Harley Davisdon

6. Question on Obamacare.

Round 3:

1. Question on Voltas.

2. Tata Social Enterprise challenge is an initiative between Tata and which institute?

IIM Calcutta

3. What is Tata ISES about?

Internships for foreign students at the corporate sustainability projects of Tata companies in India and social entrepreneurship

4.” Be sure to lay wide streets planted with shady trees, every other of a quick-growing variety. Be sure that there is plenty of space for lawns and gardens.” Quote by Jamshetji Tata about what?



Round 4:

1. Connect:

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 10.23.45 PM



2. Connect:

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 10.25.46 PM


3. Connect on Philips.

4. Connect:

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 10.30.19 PM



Round 5:

1. Question on Berkshire Hathway

2. Question on Amrutanjan


a) Earliest mention of ____ occurs in the Kannada writing called Vaddaradhane by Shivakotiacharya in 920 AD.



Questions collectively contributed by Mr. Sharath Babu, currently working at AIG, Mr. Vinay Mudaliar, currently working at Aditya Birla Minacs and Mr. Himadri Banerjee, student at Christ University.

Vinay comments that, there has sudden been a major dip in participation in Bangalore, and the teams were far less compared to previous years. However the quality of the top 12 teams were brilliant!

In a small chat with Vinay and Pickbrain after the quiz, Vinay appreciated Pickbrain for his commendable hectic hosting of 34 cities. And a quick response came, “Some weight loss is happening now”. Pickbrain on lighter note bid goodbye and joined his entire family who had come to witness the quiz!