Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Bhubaneshwar – Regional Finals Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Bhubaneshwar – Regional Finals Questions




XIMB – Prof. Subhashis Ray & Prof. Soumik Sarkar


VODAFONE – Lokesh Pal & Sitikanta Parija

Teams in Finals:

  1. Lokesh Pal & Sitikanta Parija, Vodafone
  2. Abhikshat Dash & Sudamaya Singh, TCS
  3. Debashish Dash & Manik Ravi, NALCO
  4. Subhashis Ray & Prof. Soumik Sarkar, XIMB
  5. Abhisek Kumar & Mr. Kushagra, P&G
  6. Sampad Pattanaik & Santosh Shuvankar Mishra ,TCS


Format For Finals:

  • All Questions on the Buzzer.
  • 3 Rounds Overall
  • 1st Round: 6 Questions
  • 2nd Round: 9 Questions
  • 3rd Round : 8 Questions
  • No TATA round.
  • Questions have been categorized into Gold, Silver and Bronze.
  • Gold category questions:
  • 3 attempts per question.
  • 1st attempt: +75/-75.
  • 2nd attempt: +60/-60
  • 3rd attempt: +50/-50
  • Silver category questions:
  • 2 attempts per question.
  • 1st attempt: +60/-60.
  • 2nd attempt: +50/-50
  • Bronze category questions:
  • 1 attempt per question.
  • +50/-50


Wildcard Round:


  • Total 8 questions
  • 2 teams can make into finals.

Q1) Which oat mill acquired Fischer-Price in 1969?

A) Quaker Oats

2) Tepes, Pony Light, Isthmus 34 are types of which commodity that balances the world economy?

A) Types of crude oil

Q3 ) TransUnion picked up a 7% stake in which credit rating company? Option a) Crisil b) Cibil.

A) Cibil

Q4) Their online initiative is called The Label which contains the company’s platform in lifestyle. It is named after a famous French king?

A) Louis Philippe

Q5) Which pharma company has acquired 100% of Ranbaxy ?

A) Sun Pharma

Q6) internet.org is a venture of which company?

A) Facebook

Q7) This company was set up by the husbands of sisters Olivia and Elizabeth Norris?

A) P&G

Q8) Which fashion line was made by Mario & Mauricio in Italy?

A) Prada

After the wildcard round, 4 teams were on tie battling for the two spots which led to a sudden death.


Sudden Death Round:

Q1) The Buttonwood agreement led to the formation of which institution in the world?

A) New York Stock Exchange

Q2) U-Plus is a South Korean mobile owned by which giant company which originally consider to name its name as lucky?



Round-1 (Thought Leaders): (6 Questions)

Q1) (Bronze Category) This brand traces its history to 1851; created by Williams in London. In 1875, he requested Sir Joshua Reynold to paint the brand which was called the Infant Hercules. Name the brand and the category that he trademarked.

A) Woodward Gripe Water

Q2) (Silver Category) It was launched by Thomas J.C. Martyn in 1933 after he lost his legs in World War I; he would create a magazine which still exists today.

A) Newsweek

Q3) (Gold Category) In the 1630s’, a sailor was thrown in a Dutch jail for eating what he thought was a onion. The cost of this sailor’s gluttony was equivalent to the cost of feeding an entire crew for twelve months. What did he eat?

A) Tulip

Q4) (Silver Category) Connect. (Elements not added)

A) About International Space Station being used for marketing purposes.

Q5) (Silver Category) It was founded as Timely Publication. (_ _ _ _ _ _     _ _ _ _ _ _ , The boxes were drawn indicating it is 2 words,with no. of characters of each word also listed.)

A) Marvel Comics

Q6) (Bronze Category) It was introduced in December 9, 1997 by Digital Equipment Corporation and Systran S.A. It was developed by a team of researchers at Digital Equipment. In 2012, the web address was changed yet again, this time to http://www.microsofttranslator.com when Microsoft’s Bing translator replaced it. What are we talking about?

A) Babel Fish

Round-2 (Game Changer): (9 Questions)

Q1) (Bronze Category) Asked to provide the identities of its customers in 2012, X sent regulators a convoy of 127 trucks with 32,000 cartons of chaotically ordered documents which officials are still sifting through. Another view is that X’s customers are real, but that the group is either illiquid or insolvent and unable to repay them in cash, using other financial instruments instead. Who is X?

A) Sahara Group

Q2) (Bronze Category) Identify the entity.


A) Titagarh Wagon Limited

Q3) (Silver Category) In 1995, Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Klein co-founded a company to bring together fragmented stock images to a digital age. Identify the company.

A) Getty Images

Q4) (Silver Category) This is a very famous designer. What is his creation that is blocked out in the picture? (Hint: We witnessed his creation this year.)


A) Silvio Gazzaniga. The man who designed the FIFA World Cup football trophy.

Q5) (Gold Category) Connect:

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 3.26.37 PM

A) Concept of Swatch Internet Time

Q6) (Silver Category) Meaning “one” in Sanskrit. What is ranked 58th in the world (_ _ _, Three letter word)?

A) Eka

Q7) (Gold Category) Identify the couple (it their honeymoon picture). They formed something which helped them to create money.


A) Lonely Planet (Maureen Wheeler & her husband)

Q8) (Bronze Question) The phone-booths of this country are now rarely used so the government decided to turn them into aquariums to commemorate it. Which country has taken this step?


A) Japan

Q9) (Silver Category) In the context of towels this word comes from the French word “tirer”, means to pull out. It refers to pile loops which were pulled out by hand to make the product absorbent akin to traditional Turkish towels?

A) Terry Cloth


Round – 3 (X-Factor): (8 Questions)

Q1)(Silver Question) Who was recognised by Ripleys’ as the one person who has established the most educational institutions anywhere in the world?

A) T.M.A. Pai

Q2) (Gold Question) As per Labour court Injunction, they are now mandatory when temperature reache 32 deg Celsius in Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Index, which takes into account factors such as time of day, cloud cover, wind, humidity and location. The court ordered them to be placed around the 2/3rd of each half. What are we talking about?

A) Sprinklers on Football field

Q3) (Bronze Question) This is a picture of Col. Ambrose. Which fashion style did he create that is named after him.


A) Sideburns, His full name was Ambrose Burnside.

Q4) (Bronze Category) Identify this man who has made millions from his brand.


A) Jimmy Choo

Q5) (Silver Category) What famous magazine in its earlier issue that targets males?


A) GQ Magazine

Q6) Connect.

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 3.54.12 PM

A) Space Jam

Q7) (Gold Category) Connect.

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 3.56.57 PM

A) Hasselblad

Q8) (Silver Category) Sizes 25, 30, 40 cm it is free of logos and was reputed for having the longest wait for any product in its category in the history. What am i talking about that has a famous celebrity as a great admirer of this product?

A) Hermes Birkin bag


Questions contributed by Rashmi Ranjan Swain. Rashmi is a student of the College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry , Bhubaneswar. He is a quizzer from his school days and is an active member of the Odisha Quizzing Association.

Further edits suggested by Abdus Samad Anwar.

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