Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Gurgaon – Regional Finals Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Gurgaon– Finals Questions


    Genpact – Rohan Khanna and Leo Thomas

    Mahindra Comviva – Jiwateshwar Singh and Saransh Verma


Wild Card Round Questions:

1) Famous quote by Robin Williams. Used in the movie “The Wolf of Wall St.” – _________ is God’s way of saying you are making too much money!

A) Cocaine

2) A lion’s symbol was the brand’s earliest ad campaign. Called the “King of Beverages”.

A) Dr. Peppers

Q3) In China, which automobile brand that came to Guizhou, meant a ‘precious horse’.


Q4) Apart from lottery, legal gambling in India is restricted to which sport?

A) Horse racing

Q5) Which pharma company has acquired 100% of Ranbaxy?

A) Sun Pharma

Q6) In some distilleries, Cat’s allowance implied buying milk for cats. What was the purpose behind this?

A) Breweries having grains to shoo away rats.

Q7) Amazon’s free shipping service with guaranteed delivery within 2 days. Annual fee for service is $75. Name?

A) Amazon Prime

Q8) The true father of this mode of transport, Louis Brenner created in 1909 having a test section using gyroscope. It happened in Kent. What?

A) Monorail


Regional Finals Questions:


Q1) Star tennis player from the University of Wisconsin, won the US Father and Son doubles tennis titles along with his son during 1946 to 1948. He contributed 3,000,000 for a tennis stadium. The person is known for the science of marketing.

A) AC Nielsen

Q2) Connect:


A) Tuning Fork

Q3) Founded as Nicola & Cia Ltda, headquartered in the  southern Brazilian city of Caxias do Sul, state of Rio Grande do Sul. The name sounds like that of a Venetian explorer.

A) Marco Polo

Q4) Connect:


A) Roger Federer

Q5) This brand became part of an Indian company in 2006. Associated with a famous sporting event since 1987. In 2012, the company produced 99,000 of these items.

A) Christy towels (acquired by Welspun)

Q6) According to some sources, what did critics do to the Livestrong bands of Lance Armstrong, after the accusations of doping and cheating emerged?

A) Removed the ‘e’ to make it “Liestrong”


Q1) American invention installed in Harrods, 1898. Viewed with apprehension by shoppers. An attendant was employed. He would provide brandy & smelling salts to overcome any adverse effects from the experience.

A) Elevator

Q2)Connect: PV Narasimha Rao; Manmohan Singh; Gulzarilal Nanda


A) Planning Commission (Deputy Chairman who became PM)

Q3) Deccan Motor Agency, Mumbai. Established by Dr. BD _________________.

A) Garware

Q4)Connect: Picasa video ad; ARS insignia; portrait of Petrus Manach


A)Pablo Picasso

Q5) Tagline: ‘The best part of waking up to __________ in your Cup’. Earlier Part of P&G.


Q6) Major consumer markets: Germany (22%), US (15%), France (10%). Auctioned in Aalsmeer, Netherlands. Largest exports come from Kenya. Spike in sales seen during February.

A) Roses

Q7) What is special about this?

Lifestyle Magazine

A) Lifestyle magazine for blind [In braille]

Q8) Company founded in 1907 by Toshiyo Iwasaki, 2nd son of the 2nd president of Mitsubishi.

A) Asahi Glass

Q9)Connect: NID; Rajeev Gandhi; Rahul Gandhi; Konark Temple video featurette

Indian Airlines

A)Indian Airlines


Q1) Identify this famous co-founder and chairman of a corporation.

Dan Wieden

A)Dan Wieden (Wieden and Kennedy)

Q2) James Jannard founded this company.

A) Oakley

Q3) Jagdish Bhagwati and Bent Hansen- first founded this theory of __________, an activity which can be considered an import substituting economic activity in some ways. Main consideration- Welfare implications. Coming from belief, that private sector is more efficient than public sector. Considered a way of indirectly diverting resources from the government to private sector.

A) Smuggling

Q4) Identify the concept which was also was the basic premise of this movie.


A) Delivery of products in 30 or less minutes. Especially in reference to pizzas.

Q5) YOYO economics coined by Jared Bernstein in 2006.  Term refers to economic policies in which a government shifts responsibility for economic challenges on to individuals. What does it stand for?

A) You’re On Your Own

Q6) Book about?


A) Beecham

Q7) Connect: Gazette of India; Amartya Sen; Logo of Indian Mint; Video of JRD Tata

Bharat Ratna

A) Bharat Ratna

Q8) Company established in Bergen in 1838. In 1850s, it moved to Stockholm. In 1981 it was merged into Volvo, was sold to Procordia and is since 1995 a part of the Norwegian Orkla. Which seafood company?

A) Abba

Questions contributed by Mr. Subhodeep Jash. Subhodeep is a lawyer, working in the field of public policy and research.

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Gurgaon– Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Gurgaon– Preliminary Round Questions


    Genpact – Rohan Khanna and Leo Thomas

    Mahindra Comviva – Jiwateshwar Singh and Saransh Verma


Preliminary Round Questions:

Q1) Charles Revson of Revlon found inspiration into the idea of segmentation of markets through the practices of an automobile giant. Which enterprise?

A) General Motors

Q2) FITB: Hutber’s law states that _____________ means deterioration.   Continuous _____ means.

A) Improvement.

Q3) Patricia Campbell, grand daughter of a newspaper magnate?

A)William Randolph Hearst

Q4) Doodle commemorating?

Harper Lee

A) Grace Hopper

Q5) Thinker: “Under capitalism, Man exploits man’. Who?

A) J. K. Galbraith

Q6) Tennis player- Richest player of the 1970s. Who?

A) Billie Jean King

Q7) Term coined by the firm, Mark Monitor referring to the practice of damage caused to a brand’s reputation for hostile or malicious reasons.

A) Brandjacking

Q8) FITB: “___________________: How Gujaratis Do Business” by Shobha Bondre.

A) Dhandha

Q9) Supermodel known as “The Face”- Endorsed Revlon in 1989 and was also the face of Pepsi in 1991.

A) Cindy Crawford

Q10) Like technocrats, what are IMF officials who specialize in high level lending to developing nations called?

A) Debtnocrats

Q11) Nickname for Pakistani film industry- coined in 1989- by now defunct magazine ‘Glamour’, published from Karachi by gossip columnist, Saleem Nasir?

A) Lollywood

Q12) Identify the logo.


 A) Mochi

Q13) Victoria’s Secret, TNA Aritzia, GAIAM, TH3, Hard Tail, Lucy Activewear, Vertical Athletics, Lululemon Athletica, Tuff Athetics- are producing brands of _____________ pants.

A) Yoga pants

Q14) Word derived from 14th century word denoting “to drink in excess”?

A) Booze

Q15) Processor giant launched – mobile platform- codenamed – Kaveri. Kaveri processors: hetero architecture allows CPU to access computer’s entire memory space (upto 32 Gb). Made by whom?


Q16) Identify from the logo.  (Hint—Irish Whisky)


A) Baileys

Q17) A very creative and successful Twitter campaign with hashtag was deployed by this company in UK. The #letsdolunch promised to decrease the price of a particular pizza by a pence. After 85K tweets, price dropped to 7.74 pounds. The company offered the price from 11 am to 3 pm that day. Which company?

A) Dominos

Q18) The Youth for India fellowship program is for outstanding professionals and graduates who are passionate about touching lives and leading the society to a change for a better India. Which bank is behind this initiative?

A) State Bank of India

Q19) Bollywood superstar picked up 1.1 lakh shares of brokerage house Stampede Capital for an estimated Rs. 1.21 crores. Who?

A) Amitabh Bachchan

Q20) Identify the statue in France who is the creator of a great electric company.


A) Schneider

Questions contributed by Mr. Subhodeep Jash. Subhodeep is a lawyer, working in the field of public policy and research.