Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – National Finals Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – National Finals Questions


    IAME Bangalore – Prasad Shetty and Mahantesh Nelavaigi
    TCS Chennai – Jayakanthan and Debabrata Mallick

National Finals Questions:

Round 1:

1) (Silver ) 11:30-23:05 was the timing change that was introduced by Nandos. Why did Nandos increase their time by 5 minutes and specifically called it ‘Nandos Fergie Time’?


Answer: When Manchester United plays it is believed that they get extra time to score critical goals. This extra time is named after Alex Ferguson and the shops are open during Fergie Time.

2) (Gold) Originally known as The New Left Review Verso Books. It is a famous publishing house based in London and New York City. Founded in 1970.Why the name Verso?


Answer: Left side of the page is called Verso Page. Thus, they renamed themselves with their left inclinations as Verso.

3) (Bronze) The verb dates back to 1659 and even earlier as a noun- as far back as 1275. In 1659, Thomas Fuller, a Church of England clergyman, wrote: ‘I hope, sir that we not mutually ________ by this difference which hath happened betwixt us’. What word?

Answer: Unfriend

4) (Silver) Connect.


Answer: Cricket Club of India

5) (Silver) Name of this brand whose logo is shown here, derives from a place. The place has become generic to European countries. Several types of this brand are instantly recognisable. The variants are available across the world in Reine, Barisart, Marie-Henriette and so on. It has also become a common word in English. What word from a mineral water brand?


Answer: Spa

6) (Silver) This is the SAP Network for Retail Business. After considering over 12 possible names to brand it, they came out with one final name, which they believed was the best example for a network. What is the name of this model for small and medium enterprises?


Answer: Ganges

7) (Bronze) In the Ranji Trophy South Zone League, 1965/66 when the Mysore vs Madras game was played in January 1966, Mysore won by 141 runs with Chandrashekar taking 10 wickets. The wicket keeper and opening batsman for Madras then is today a Chairman and former Managing Director of a well-known entity in India. Who?

Answer: N Ram of The Hindu Newspaper

8) (Gold) From the world of Finland, this is a box. What is its significance?


Answer: When any child is born in Finland, the Finnish government sends this box which contains the necessary supplies for a child.

9) (Silver) During the 19th century this place was a betting parlour for horse racing. What as this room called where billiards tables were installed so patrons could kill time between races?

Answer: Pool Room

10) (Silver) He was a French finance minister who, in 1759, was forced by France’s credit crisis during the Seven Years’ War to impose severe economic demands upon the French people, particularly the wealthy. Because of his austere economies, his name became synonymous with anything cheap and so also with a form of art. What?

Answer: Silhouette

Round 2:

1) (Gold) This is India’s first patent. Recognise it.


Answer: Punkah Pulling Machine

2) (Bronze) Arranged from lightest to darkest, What are these?


Answer: Gradings of Tobacco

3) (Silver) Elf Cosmetics was founded by Joseph and Vincent. Why the name?


Answer: ELF stands for Eyes, Lips and Face, that is the categories of cosmetics they produce.

4) Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter has written a book titles, ‘Things a little bird told to me’. Why is there a blank page somewhere in the middle of the book?

Answer: Page 140 is a tribute to the 140 characters of Twitter.

5) (Gold) All of this in 1952, would lead to a life changing event, which went on to become a New York Times Best Seller. El Grafico`, a publishing house wrote about a phenomenal cycle expedition. What is it?


Answer: Motorcycle Diaries of ‘Che Guevara’

6) (Bronze) This was one of the first artist and writer to have created the first ‘incorporated’ and all of his works come with ‘Inc.’ Who is it?


Answer: Edgar Rice Burroughs, author and illustrator of Tarzan

7) (Silver) In ancient times, this was sometimes called nostrum remedium (“our remedy” in Latin). Promotion of these was one of the first major products highlighted by the advertising industry, and many sales techniques were pioneered by their promoters. The phrase comes from the late 17th century marketing of medical elixirs ones which found flavour with royalty. Angostura Bitters, Bovril, Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, Moxie and Pepsi were all sold in this category. What phrase?

Answer: Patent Medicine


From The Corner Office-

1) (Silver) Privateer Holdings, a Seattle based private equity firm, have recently entered into a deal with the estate of the famous Jamaican Reggae Star Bob Marley. What is this deal for?

Answer: Launch of world’s first branded cannabis

2) (Silver) In his book ‘Tata Log’, Harish Bhatt has narrated a story of Titan’s jewellery business ‘Tanishq’. Before the leadership team finally decided to invest in Tanishq to generate foreign exchange, there was one other alternative business they were considering for this purpose. What was that? Why?

Answer: Granite Grate Stones, there was great demand especially in Japan

3) (Gold) What connects Economics Nobel Prize winner George Akerlof, Peet’s Coffee, Levi Strauss and Scott Adams?

Answer: Berkeley

Round 3:

1) (Silver) This was used by the Vatican, a couple of years ago. What is this?


Answer: This is Faraday Cage, used during the secret papal conclave to elect the next pope

2) (Silver) When Poet Ghalib met his beloved in the winter, he rubbed his hands and face with it. In Ain-e-Akbari, AbulFazal, has mentioned that Akbar used this product daily. What is it?

Answer: Attar/Ittar

3) (Silver) Identify the name of the vehicle at the bottom. It gets name from the two vehicles on the top. It was made in 1964 for Bill Harrah, owner of Harrah Hotel and Casino.


Answer: Jerrari- Jeep and Ferrari

4) (Gold) Connect.


Answer: Types of Diplomacy

5) A former junior international hockey player and Surrey league cricketer he joined Phillips Son and Neale in New Bond Street, London in 1978. Starting as a saleroom porter he worked his way through the ranks until he was appointed to the main board of directors by the age of 30 before moving to the USA to run the New York office. A 30 year love affair with furniture combined with a fascination for oriental carpets goes side by side with a passion for 20th century British art. Why has he been famous in India since 2008 in India?

Answer: Richard Madley

6) Its a famous photograph of a renowned journalist William Ellen White, drinking coke. The image was used extensively for something Coke decided to. What name came out of this iconic photography?


Answer: Introduction of New Coke, Project Kansas

7) (Gold) What’s common to?

Lauda Air naming one of their Boeing 777-2Z9’s that operate on the Vienna-Sydney-Melbourne route. The platypus being replaced in 2001 on the obverse side of the Australia’s common 20 cent coin, the first such change since the decimalization of Australian currency in 1996.

Answer: Don Bradman

8) (Silver) Identify this French ambassador to Portugal.


Answer: Jean Nicot. Nicotine is named after him.

9) (Gold) Connect.


Answer: Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

10) (Gold) Connect:


Answer: Exclusive boutiques created for Taj Mahal Palace


Questions taken down by Vaishnavi Rao! 

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