Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2015 – Chennai – Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2015 – Chennai  – Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER :
  • IIT-M- Varun and Chandrashekhar
  • RUNNER UP : 
  • IIT-M- Bharath and Prateek

Regional Round Questions:

Q.1.  Question on the which modern day wedding tradition of gifting diamond ring.

Q.2. In 1854 what was demonstrated for the first time at the New York Crystal Palace, the iron-and-glass exhibition hall at the center of the World’s Fair that changed the construction industry forever?

Ans. Lifts (by Otis)

Q.3. What did James Montgomery Flagg design which later went on to be called “poster of the century.” It was first depicted in the July 6th, 1916 issue of the Leslie Weekly.

JM Flagg- Designer of Uncle Sam

Ans. Uncle Sam

Q.4. Which company was founded in 1876 to provide a solution to the blisters that lumberjacks were experiencing caused by poor quality woollen socks?

Ans. Jockey

Q.5. How do we better know “South Asian Audio Visual Network?”

Ans. Saavn

Q.6. Complete the title of this book with a personality, on whose company this book is based on?

Dial M for Murder - book on Murdoch

Ans. Murdoch

Q.7. With which Tata company would you associate this person?


Ans. Tata CMC

Q.8. “Trade with Trust” is the tagline of?

Ans. MCX

Q.9. Question on Wadia Group.

Q.10. Which Tata company began its journey commissioning its first project in February, 1915 at Khopoli, Maharashtra?

Ans. Tata Power

Q.11. In February 1978 what magazine was launched and became India’s first business magazine that is still in print?

Ans. Business India

Q.12. An offshore investment fund, typically formed as a private limited partnership, that engages in speculation using credit or borrowed capital?

Ans. Hedge Fund

Q.13. In 1907, the California Fruit Growers Exchange went to see Albert Lasker at the Lord & Thomas advertising agency as one of the fruit crops they were growing in abundance but nobody was buying it, Lasker branded the Exchange as Sunkit and told Sunkit to popularise what to increase the sale of the fruit?

Ans. Orange

Q.14. Which company’s IT initiative is this?


Ans. India Cements

Q.15. Connect: Robert Bosch, Tata Nano and an ad.

Ans. Bosch

Q.16. Identify the personality that appeared as Air Hostess in Air India ad.

Parmeshwar Godrej- appeared as air hostess in Air India ad

Ans. Parmeshwar Godrej (wife of Adi Godrej)

Q.17. Who is on the left?


Ans. Professor Simply Simple (fictional character by Tata Asset Managment)

Q.18. A company that was once making a takeover attempt but ends up discussing a merger with the target company is called _____ ______.

Ans. Yellow Knight

Q.19. What is a Google Tax?

Ans. A levy on company profits which have only online presence in a bid to divert funds deposited in tax heavens

Q.20. This is a rare picture of which famous person?

Kasturi Rangan Iyengar- Kasturi & Sons

Ans. Kasturi Rangan Iyengar, founder of Kasturi & Sons

Q.21. What in India was founded in 2000 as a website, changed itself to a tabloid-format newspapers in 2004 and switched to a magazine in 2007?

Ans. Tehelka

Q.22. Project Last Mile is an initiative from which MNC?

Ans. Coca Cola

Q.23. Connect: Classmate ad, Mint-o, Surya Nepal ?

Ans. ITC

Q.24.  Identify the personality.


Ans. Gemini Ganesan/ Gemini Studios

Q.25. Who owns the site r.com?

Ans. Rajnikanth

Q.26. Which entity had a clash with HSBC over the rights of using HSBC? (Think local)

Ans. Hotel Saravana Bhavan Corporation


Questions contributed by Samyuktha Raman, Jitendra Gaglani and Saiprasath Janarthanan.


Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2015 – Chennai – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2015 – Chennai  – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER :
  • IIT-M- Varun and Chandrashekhar
  • RUNNER UP : 
  • IIT-M- Bharath and Prateek


Preliminary Round Questions:

Q1. Who is the journalist who stepped down from NDTV to start a Multi Media Corportation?

Answer- Barkha Dutt

Q2. Name the group that owns: Parry Murray, Ambadi, Coromandal, Morgan, Sterling ?


Answer- Murugappa Group

Q3. Which bank has launched ‘Pockets’, a venture of banking through Facebook?

Answer- ICICI Bank

Q4.  Panaya, is the investment by which company that had a new CEO in 2014?

Answer- Infosys

Q5. White diamonds is a perfume connected with which actress?


Answer-Elizebeth Taylor

Q6.  Name the Internet broadband company associated with Reliance Industries? (Clue:3 WORD ANSWER)


Q7. First choice is a car sales venture of which automobile giant ?


Q8. “Brand Capital”  is associated with which media group ?

Answer- Bennett, Coleman and Company Limited (Times Group)

Q9.  “Pleasing people world over” is the tagline of which company? Here is its logo.


Answer-Holiday Inn

Q10.  Raaj Kamal Films International is owned by whom ?

Answer- Kamal Hassan

Q11.  This is the currency of which country?


Answer- Mauritius

Q12. Heathrow has been replaced by which airport as the world’s busiest airport?

Answer-Dubai International Airport

Q13. Identify the person? (Clue : He is named after another person called Pauling )


Answer- Linus Torvalds

Q14. Along with Jagdish Bhagavati, who co-authored “Reforms and Economic transformation of India”?

Answer-Arvind Panagariya

Q15. Kotak Mahindra Bank is to acquire which bank ?

Answer- ING Vysya

Q16. What is the service by a software company initially given at free prices but later charged called ?

Answer- Freemium

Q17. “Witness an explosion or wipe the debris off your face”. What in the world of Movies is being referred to?

Answer- IMAX

Q18. Name the Global telecom sponsor of ICC WC 2015?

Answer- Reliance

Q19. Identify. ( Clue : Popular across TAMIL NADU )


Answer- Narasu’s Coffee

Q20.  What started as Adventnet Inc in 1996? (Clue : 4 Letter Answer )

Answer- ZOHO


Questions contributed by Samyuktha Raman, Jitendra Gaglani and Saiprasath Janarthanan.

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Chennai – Regional Finals Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Chennai – Regional Finals Questions


    TCS –
    Jayakanthan and Debabratha Mallik
    Latent View Analytics –
    Kaushik and Pritheesh


Wild Card Round Questions:

1. [Question on Dime magazines where popular stories were published by Oliwein (sic) and priced at 10p.]

2. First seen in 1897, they were nicknamed ‘Hummingbirds’ due to the idiosyncratic humming noise they made. They had unique colors.

A. London Cabs

3. [Question on Ganesh Idols creation by a company and takes 1 month to be made. The process is  trademarked & patented.]

4. This artist launched a publicity campaign for Lanvin chocolates and was associated with Air India. Who?

A. Salvador Dali

5. Former West Indies quick Michael Holding  said “This is champagne. That’s just soft drink.” comparing what?

A. IPL and Caribbean Premier League

6. Which group launched its online custom clothing brand Creyate?

A. Arvind limited

7. Launched in 1859 by Robert Cheesebrough, a consumer product which had remarkable skin-healing properties. What?

A. Vaseline

8. Introduced in June 2011 as a live streaming for video games. What?

A. Twitch


Regional Final Questions:

1. [Gold] Who were Randlords in South Africa from 1870 to World War I?

A. People who controlled the price of gold, thus the currency gold Rand coins.

2. [Bronze] Where was this famous photo taken?


A. Rockefeller Center Construction

3. [Silver] What brand of 100% coffee 1996 offered “push to cup” and was endorsed by Sri Devi and Saurav Ganguly?

A. Tata Cafe

4. [Gold] Connect:

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 10.29.10 PM

A. Indian Oil Corporation Limited

5. [Bronze] He is claimed to have developed the first practical fountain pen, Ornoto in 1881, and is now in an altogether different line of work. Who?

A. De La Rue

6. [Bronze] Vodafone in 2009 received the first PETA India Glitter Box Award. Why?

A. For using the ‘ZooZoo’ creatives and stopping the use of the pug dog (seen in the Hutch ads).

7. [Bronze] In 1813 was one of the first recorded descriptions of sailors’ uniforms by Commodore Stephen Decatur. What specific item?

A. Bell bottoms

8. [Silver] Envelope containing the Hope Diamond sent in 1958 by jeweler Harry Winston to where?


A. Smisthonian Institution

9. [Bronze] In Latin America, they call themselves Harlistas. Who?

A. Harley Davidson bike owners

10. [Silver] Connect with Li Ka Shing and with the logo of his foundation as a clue.

11. [Silver] Founded by Charles and Jeremiah who patented their detector lock in 1818. Identify this company now owned by United Technologies.

A. Chubb

12. [Gold] He is the only non-NASA recipient for the Moon Rock Award. Who?

A. Walter Cronkite

12. [Bronze] Term which talks about the  process of playing dots to format an image. What?

A. Dot matrix

13. [Silver] Question on Red Bull with Daniel Ricciardo as a clue.

14. [Silver] In  the United States, a special edition coin with Baseball glove on it was released. What is so special about the coin?


A. Coin is not flat, it is in the shape of a baseball glove.

15. [Bronze] In the Roman times, this meant exile & being thrown among the lions and the British had hanging as a punishment. The RBI loses 25 crore Rupees due to this every year. What?

A. Coin counterfeiting

16. [Silver] Identify this doctor from Germany whose products have a distinctive yellow stitching to them.


A. Dr. Klaus Märtens; Doctor Martens

17. [Gold] This is an online identity used for purposes of deception. Typically created by a person/group. What term?

A. Sock puppet

18. [Bronze] Connect:

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 11.55.29 PM

A. Fast-food chain Arby’s bought Pharrell Williams’ oversized Vivienne Westwood hat that he wore to the Grammys.

19. [Gold] Connect:

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 11.46.16 PM

A. James Packer

20. [Bronze] Question on the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

21. [Bronze] Coat of arms of Amsterdam used in which brand?

A. Amstel beer

22. [Gold] Used the trading name of St. Helens Crown Glass Company and formed at St. Helens, England. Now entered the energy sector.

A. Pilkington plc


Questions contributed by Madanish Kanna.



Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Chennai – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Chennai – Preliminary Round Questions


    TCS –
    Jayakanthan and Debabratha Mallik
    Latent View Analytics –
    Kaushik and Pritheesh

Preliminary Round Questions:

1. French wine & brandy named after him and an 1996 ad campaign had the phrase “ooh aah”, all connected with which football star?

A. Eric Cantona

2. Gene Roddenberry drafted a proposal for the science fiction series and publicly marketed it as a “Western in outer space.”

A. Star Trek

3. Conte grading system developed by Nicolas Conte, to measure hardness of what?

A. Pencil

4. Charles Milford, an American reporter came up with the name _____, that is  iconic in world of finance?


A. Wall Street Journal

5. Currencies of Bulgaria(LEV), Romania(LEU) and Moldova mean what in their respective languages? Clue: It is an animal.

A. Lion

6. Coined by youth marketers to get kids to agree, describing the process for marketing in a tone appropriate to children under 12 years. What term?

A. Kidification

7. Sometime in the 1940s, specific machines which used thermal energy built by German company ‘I. A. Topf and Sons, Erfurt’? Clue: Used in concentration camps.

A. Crematoria

8. [Visual] Print ad in relation to a brand of kitchen towels. Identify.

A. Premier

9. The circled K is a registered mark and can only be used with the permission of its owner, the Organized Kashruth Laboratories of New York, a private certifying concern. What does it denote?

A. Kosher

10. After being deemed not good enough by JWT, he managed to get a job at Sharp McManus as copy writer in 1970s & latter observed that his work in advertising ‘taught me to write like a job’. Who?

A. Salman Rushdie

11. This automobile brand which became a pop-culture idol was designed by an in-house Lincoln-Mercury Division team led by Joe Oros and won the Tiffany Gold Medal for excellence in American design, the first automobile ever to do so. What?

A. Mustang

12. Identify the brand. Clue: H_____N______

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 9.00.18 PM

A. Harvey Nichols

13. Games designed is credited to Nathaniel Cook.  Made of ebony & ivory and possibly the first use of expert testimonial to promote a commercial product. What?

A. Chess

14. William Scott Pinckney, CEO of which direct selling company was arrested by Andhra Pradesh police recently?

A. Amway

15. Water based aerosol foam which is white and non toxic. Manufactured by Comex & made of biodegradable products. What?

A. Spray used in FIFA World Cup matches by referees.

16. This Russian, son of a farmer, invented something that is popular in today’s world, especially Pakistan. What?

A. Mikhail Kalashnikov

17. He recently purchased Harlequin from Torstar Corp, owner of Toronto Star, Canada’s largest daily newspaper. Who?

A. Rupert Murdoch

18. This big diversified company acquired Bangalore-based Balan Natural Foods B, a natural juice brand, for about 100 crore. Which one?


19. Identify.


A. Vishal Sikka

20. Identify the brand from the print ad.


A. Ray Ban


Questions contributed by Jitendra Gaglani and Madanish Kanna.

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2013 – Chennai – External Track Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2013 – Chennai – External Track Questions

Results (Tata Track):


TCS – Sreekanth and Jayakanthan


TCS – Ramaswamy and Raghuraman

Results (External Track):


Infosys – Vivek and Senthil Kumar


Ford Business Services – Prashanth Sampath and Sridharan

External Track Finals:

Round -1:

1. Ted Turner during one of his famous speeches mentioned that “there would be 2 things in the future that would make all happy”. Identify the things.

A. Mobile phones & aeroplanes. 

2. In ancient times, the Greek government during wars followed this specific idea in order to lower the expenditure. What specific idea did they follow?

A. BYOD – bring your own device.

3. Who runs/owns the hotel chain called Laya and a resort called Sober Islands?

Sri Lankan Army

4. In 1961, Bandev Mittal started a sweet shop and he was also a Bajaj dealer. What is he famous for now?

A. Lovely University, Punjab.

5. Wanelo is an online forum for online shopping. What is origin of the name?

A. Want, Need, Love.

6. What is Nokia Life tools used for?

A. Farmer’s SMS tool

Round – 2:

1. Childhood picture of a famous female business personality. Identify.

A. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

2. Picture of an auto rickshaw/tuk-tuk. What is so special about it?


A. The official vehicle of Italian President.

3. Queen of Time, London. Identify location?


A. Selfridges

4. Logo of ?

Zain Telecom

A. ZAIN telecom.

5. Logo of Six flags theme park in USA. Explain origin of name?

Six Flags

A. The name arises from the fact that it is in Texas and Texas was under six different governments previously.

6. Polska 1000 currency note, identify the person depicted?

1000 Polska note

A. Nicolaus Copernicus

Round -3:

1. Indian hotels [Buzzer Pressed]


2.Titan  watch named after a word which has its origins in  Japanese. Identify.

A. Tycoon

3. Flavoritz [Buzzer Pressed]

Tata Salt

4. Book by?


A. Harish Bhat

Round – 4:



A. Malcolm Gladwell

2. Connect:


A.  Playboy Mansion

3. Connect:


A. Walchand Hirachand

Round – 5:

  1. Hamilton + Pratt & Whitney + Wind power.
    A.  United Technologies 
  2. Scalp care + Handbook.
    A. Head & Shoulders 
  3. Mohan T. Advani is the founder.
    A.  Blue Star


Questions contributed by Madanish Kanna.

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2013 – Chennai – Tata Track Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2013 – Chennai – Tata Track Questions

Results (Tata Track):


TCS – Sreekanth and Jayakanthan


TCS – Ramaswamy and Raghuraman

Results (External Track):


Infosys – Vivek and Senthil Kumar


Ford Business Services – Prashanth Sampath and Sridharan

Round – 1:

1. Known as Omini, is a silhouette of a man (left) and woman (right) sitting back to back in the nude. It was created in 1969 by mere accident. After a photo shoot for a bathing suit advertisement, a man and a woman were sitting back-to-back, naked, with the outlines of their bodies traced by the back lighting.

A. Kappa

2. Name the high-caffeinated, citrus-flavored soft drink produced and distributed by The Coca-Cola Company which was introduced on March 1, 1979 to compete with Pepsi’s Mountain Dew?

A.Mello Yello

3. Founded in 1979 by Bob and Harvey Weinstein and headquartered in New York City and Cambridge, Massachusetts, acquired by Walt Disney Company in 1993 and later Disney sold it to Filmyard Holdings?

A. Miramax.

4. Which internet magazine brings out a much popular Annual Franchise 500 list?

A. The Entrepreneur.

5. What change did BJP bring about in the budget followed from British Raj times?

A. The timing of the Union Budget – broke the 53 year tradition of presenting the Indian budget at 5 pm local time, a practice held over from British Rule days that sought to present the Indian budget at a time convenient to the British Parliament (1130a GMT) rather than India’s Parliament.

Round – 2:

1. Virgin Airlines tribute to?


A. Steve Jobs.

2. These characters from a classic novel, shares its name with which online portal?


A. Yahoo!

3. Identify the personality who gave his name to a MBA school at a premier institute?

ShaileshMehta (2)

A. Sailesh J. Mehta

4. Identify the print advertisement?


A. Nivea.

5. Identify the print advertisement?


A. Nike.

6. Identify the founder of this online portal?

Jeff Taylor Monstor

A. Jeff Taylor, Monster.com

Round – 3:

1. Campaign of TCS – CBFL is in relation to what?

A. Adult literacy.

2. AGRICO is an initiative from which Tata Company?

A. TATA Steel.

3. Supplier of crockery to Rashtrapathi Bhavan?

A. Tata Ceramics

Round – 4:

1. Which MNC does she head?


A. Kraft Foods Inc, Irene Rosenfeld

2. Name the author?


A. Vikram Akula

3. What is the name given to Chinese Yuan bond?

A. Dimsum Bond

4. “Tanda Matlab Coca Cola”. Advertisement campaign by?

A. Prasoon Joshi

Round – 5:


a) Delivering lifestyle is the tagline.

b) Rocket Entertainment is the company behind it. Name the company?

A. Jabong


a) Worked for Booz Allen and Hamilton, CIA &  NASA. Identify?

A. Edward Snowden

3. Willaim Rosenberg founded buzzer pressed

A. Dunkin donuts. 

Questions contributed by Madanish Kanna.

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2013 – Chennai – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2013 – Chennai – Preliminary Round Questions


Results (Tata Track):


TCS – Sreekanth and Jayakanthan


TCS – Ramaswamy and Raghuraman

Results (External Track):


Infosys – Vivek and Senthil Kumar


Ford Business Services – Prashanth Sampath and Sridharan


1) This started as a customer’s afternoon letter in 1884; a daily two page financial news bulletin that has undergone 48 changes in 117 years. What?

– Dow Jones Industrial Average

2) Apart from it’s flagship brand they also operate Yo ! Bus, Bolt bus, NeOn etc., Started in 1914, Hibbing, Minnesota, which company are we talking about ?

– Greyhound

3) Who pledged large sums of his own money, and convinced other bankers to do the same, to shore up the banking system during the panic 1907 ?

– J P Morgan

4) What two word term in japanese adopted in 1960 by Shiego Shengo meaning mistake proofing ?

– Poka-Yoke.

5) Identify the advertiser –


– Volkswagen

6) Which company has the ticker symbol as COH in NYSE ?

– Coach Inc.

7) Tony and Maureen Wheeler named this company after mishearing the “Space Captain” song. Their first compilation was released in Sydney in 1973. Which Company ?

– Lonely Planet.

8) The phenomenon whereby an attempt to hide, remove, or censor a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely, usually facilitated by the Internet is named after which famous American entertainer ?

– Barbara Streisand and Streisand effect.

9) This Hong Kong based club is the largest tax payer in it’s country. They also own Happy Valley and Sha Tin. Which club ?

Hong Kong Jockey Club.

10) Identify the author.


– Daniel Goleman

11) Which airline was the first to introduce the online check-in ?

– Alaska Airlines.

12) This began as a family magazine in 1886 by Schlicht & Field of New York and in 1999 they also launched a yoghurt product which failed miserably. Which magazine are we talking about ?

– Cosmopolitan

13) Which ice cream company celebrates free cone day ?

– Ben and Jerry’s.

14) Which newspaper’s online version has this following tagline “All the news that’s fit to click” ?

–  The New York Times.

15) Identify the personality.


– Sanjeev Goenka

16) Which cookie celebrated it’s 100th anniversary on March 6, 2012 and has a patented design ?


17) “My word is my bond” is the motto. Identify.

London Stock Exchange.

18) This imaging company had leveraged on its strengths (patents) which was sold  around 1,100 digital imaging and processing patents to an organized consortium of 12 tech companies — Adobe, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Fujifilm, Google, HTC, Huawei, Microsoft, RIM, Samsung and Shutterfly for $525 million. The portfolio was said to be worth around $2.5 billion, but they settled for the $525 million. Who?


19) In 1998 during the launch of Virgin Cola, Richard Branson drove this to Fifth Avenue and he blew up the Coco Cola banner that was present there. What did he drive ?


20) Identify the personality.


Ricardo Semmler

21) Name the evil human resources director in Dilbert comics.


22) In 1942 Johnson & Johnson introduced this to the military as it was used to cover the gaps in the ammunitions. What was introduced thus ?

Duct Tapes

23) Whose ticker symbol is DEO in NYSE ?


24) Which teen music celebrity is the brand ambassador of the company BillMyParents.com?

– Justin Bieber

25) Which famous Indian authored the book “The Reach and Limits of Growth: Economic Recession, Development and Human Capability”?

Amartya Sen



Questions contributed by Vishnu Prasad.