Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Lucknow – Preliminary & Regional Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Lucknow – Preliminary & Regional Round Questions


  • WINNER :

IIT Kanpur – Shubham and Arnab Ghosh


IIM-L – Kshemu Desai and Aviral S


Questions from the Preliminary & Regional Round Questions:


Preliminary Round:

1. Branding by which company?


Intel Inside Branding By Barcelona

2.Indian Statistical Institute was found by whom ?

Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis

3. This company is the world’s largest Ice Cream Manufacturer?


4.What are bonds which are not very interesting known as , the name comes from the ice cream flavour having similar behavior?

Vanilla Bonds

5.What is a US dollar-denominated bond issued by a non-US entity in the US market known as?

Yankee Bonds


Wild Card Round:

1. Youth, Beyond Paradise, Intuition are brands by whom ?

Estee Lauder

2. Originally created in 1858 as Newton Heath. What ?

Manchester United

3.QWERTY keypads was first introduced by them because the existing keypads were lousy to handle. Who?


4.Why is the color of Facebook blue?

Because Mark Zuckerberg is color blind

5.After great thought , this brand was formed. It was formed taking cue from the last king of France .This apparel company has the crest of the same King as its logo?

Louis Philippe

6.Which country does Air Costa promoted by the LEPL Group operate from ?


7.OOBE , a form of experience which is used to create new products. Which Maltese physician has proposed it?

Edward de Bono (OOBE – Out Of the Box Experience)


Regional Finals:

Round 1:

1.Which company started by manufacturing and assembling Austin Cars in India?

Ashok Leyland

2.Which post did Arvind Kejriwal hold in the Indian Revenue Service?

Income Tax Officer

3. What got created when 2 brothers were disillusioned by the amont of friction that their bicycle tyres had to face in Daytona, United States?

The Aeroplane , the brothers were the Wright Brothers

Round 2:

1. Which Award?



Deming Award Medal

2. Logo of?



3. Identify the personality.


Leo Burnett

4. Visual of an advertisement campaign Of Levis Jeans


Round 3:

1. Which Lord christened the name of a railway station as a tribute to Tatas?

Lord Chelmsford

2.Which Tata brand’s name resembles that of a spice?


3.Taj SATS is a collaboration with which company?

Singapore Airlines


Round 4:

1. Connect:

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 10.33.25 PM

Gray Nicolls Cricket Bats

2. Connect:

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 10.35.14 PM

Shah Rukh Khan

Round 5:

1.Question on Eicher Tractors


a) This Group owns IndusInd Bank.

Hinduja Group



a) Latest Operating System is called MeeGo.

b) Recently Acquired by Microsoft



Questions contributed by Arnab Ghosh. Arnab is a Sophomore in Computer Science at the Indian Institute Of Technology ,Kanpur with an avid interest in reading and Quizzing. He hails from the city endowed with a lot of Tata Quizzes because of the Tatas in Jamshedpur. Innovation captivates him and he likes to read and know about new ideas hoping to implement them himself. In the leisure he likes to strum the guitar and hum a little.


Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2013 – Lucknow – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2013 – Lucknow – Preliminary Round Questions

Results (Tata Track):


TCS – Debabratta Mallick and AK Kumar


Tata Motors – Jasmeet Singh and Abhishek Dhaka

Results (Non Tata Track):


Travel Khana.com – Shivdas and Siddharth


ITC – Dhruba Jyoti Chatterjee and Aman Oberoi



Q1. Who is behind the initiative “10000 Startups” in India?


Q2. Which Bollywood actor started his career in a Military Censor office with a salary of Rs. 165?

Dev Anand

Q3. In 1744, the first mail order guarantee was started by whom in the USA?

Benjamin Franklin

Q4. What is the term for “one buyer and many sellers”?


Q5. Advertisement for whom with the tagline “Ride Your Way”?



Q6. Who has started “Project Sentum” in India to expand their market?


Q7. He is an ex-Chief Justice of Punjab, who is currently investigating the Walmart lobbying case. Who?

Mukul Mudgal

Q8. Which is the only bank that has latin as their language in their ATM machines?

Vatican Bank

Q9. What was started by Pestonjee Eduljee in Anand, Gujarat?


Q10. Advertisement with the line “Fusion of Rum & Coconut”. Which brand?



Q11. Which brand of comics was started by Deepak Chopra ?

Virgin Comics LLC

Q12. Who is been appointed as the “Pleasure Ambassador”  for HUL’s Magnum icecream?


Q13. Which beer brand has recently changed their bottle design to one where it resembles a bow tie?


Q14. What was started in 1993 as the first IT training organization in India?


Q15. Author? (Clue: This was written by an ex-Governor who was from Andhra Pradesh)

Y V Reddy

Y V Reddy

Q16. Who celebrates April 6th as the “Care4food” day?


Q17. Which business guru is the author of “The Self Destructive Habits of Good Company”?

Jagdish Seth

Q18. What are the luxury modern coaches by Indian Railways called?


Q19. Named after the son of Phoebus/Helios, this is the a new offering from Volkswagen. What is the name?


Q20. Identify?

pia singh DLF

Pia Singh (DLF)

– Questions contributed by Siddharth Misra. He also happens to be the winners of this leg of Crucible (External Track). Many congratulations to Siddharth and his teammate!