Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Pune – Regional Finals Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Pune – Regional Finals Questions


    Barclays –
    Asish Behera and Amogh Deshpande
    Tata Motors –
    Prathmesh and Aditya Ramani


Wild Card Questions:

1. Which pharma company logo consists of a capsule and 2 pills?

A. Merck

2. It takes its name from a German word for ‘Seagull’; started as an ice cream brand?

A. Movenpick

3. Juice is a fashion and lifestyle magazine published by?

A. Jabong.com

4. Which company launched the business vertical ‘Happy Nest’?

A. Mahindra

5. Dimitry and Justin Frankel launched this in 1997, initially called Nullsoft. What?

A. Winamp

6. Its NYSE ticker symbol is BID. Which company?

A. Sotheby’s

7. Which Japanese company known for camera translates to ‘ripening field of rice’?

A. Minolta

8. Which brand is named after the species ‘Pelia caparilos’?

A. African antelope giving the word Reebok


Regional Finals Questions:


Round 1:

1. What made Jim Goetz reach the top of the Midas list in the business world?

A. Funded Whatsapp in its initial days

2. This book is based on which financial firm?



A. Lehman Brothers

3. In July, 2011, TITAN launched HTSE collection of watches which run on light. If HT stands for High Tech, what does SE stand for?

A. Self Energized

4. Connection:

Intel Malala ad (video); b) Louis Edward Walker and c) OMNI Hotels and resorts

Ans: CNN Studios

5. The entire crown of this national historic landmark is clad with shiny silver ‘Endura KA-2’ stainless metal developed by Krupp and marketed under the trade name ‘Nirosta’. Which iconic building?

A. Chrysler building

6. Chocolatines Savory Wine Flight Pairing ($80) , Halo Natural Pet Food ($6,142.89) , Max Martin Shoes ($750) , Dosha Tea-Based Pops ($35) , Blossom Blends Tea ($49.95) , Hydroxycut Weight Loss Products ($38.96), Narrative Clip camera ($279) , Polar Loop Activity Tracker ($109.95) , Steamist Home Spa System ($2,560) , M3K Beauty Products ($100) , Best of Vegas Tour Package ($9,000) , Rouge Maple Syrup ($250) , House Call From Nutritionist Heather Lounsbury ($500) , Slimware Dinnerware ($59) , Huntley Drive Fitness Training Sessions ($850), Le Petit Cirque Troop ($575) Le Petit Cirque Troop ($575), Jan Lewis Designs Bracelet ($400) , Walk Japan Tour of Japan ($15,000) , Epic Pet Health Therapy ($1,571.98) , Acure Skincare ($300) , Rocky Mountaineer Train Trip ($4,078.00) Gizara Arts Print ($1,000)  Jitseu Handbags ($279) , Imanta Mexico Resort Stay ($3,300), Koala Landing, Resort Stay in Kauai ($2,000) , Aviv 613 Vodka ($30). These are the contents of what?

A. Academy Award goodie bag package for the nominees who don’t win


Round 2:

1. The rule of three in business and economy is a rule of thumb in the business world. Who gave this theory?


2. Identify the person who gave Mosaic and Netscape.


A. Eric Bina

3. P. Ramachandra started this in 1983 with a single product and 5 employees. What?

A. Jyoti Laboratory

4. Connect:

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 9.48.59 pm

Hint: started with pale ginger oil. Which company?

Ans: Canada dry

5. Constructed by Gaget, Gantheir and Co., it was funded by a lottery. By the end of 1879, about 2,50,000 francs have been raised. What?

A. Statue of Liberty

6. Childhood picture of P.P. Chhabria and K.P. Chhabria was shown. What did they find?

A. Finolex

7. Edward Bernays, the father of public relations threw green parties to make the colour of what packaging fashionable to women?

 A. Lucky strike

8. Connect:

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 9.36.32 pm

A. Lady Godiva

9. Introduced in 1953, Johnson’s baby shampoo was the first special formulated product. What was the formula called?

A. No more tears


Round 3:

1. Logo of which apparel brand.


A. Best Seller

2. The classification of this chart was developed in 1983 by Michael Edwards with standard families such as Woody, fresh, oriental etc. What chart is this?

A. Perfume chart

3. To which company did HUL sell Glucovita in 2003?

A. Wipro

4. Which retailer has been trying to trademark it footlong brand?

A. Subway

5. Connect:

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 9.21.47 pm

A. TTK Hawkins Cooker

6. It is named after a type of mango that originated in Jamaica and was originally grown from a seed brought by immigrants from India.

A. Bombay Mango

7. Connect:

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 9.18.27 pm

A. Vineyard tourism



Questions compiled by Kamanasish Chowdhury of Q-factor Knowledge Solutions.

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Pune – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2014 – Pune – Preliminary Round Questions


    Barclays –
    Asish Behera and Amogh Deshpande
    Tata Motors –
    Prathmesh and Aditya Ramani


Preliminary Round Questions:

1. What was inspired by an advert that spoke of 21 types of shows, projected 57 from a range that crossed 60 then and crosses 5700 today?

A. Heinz Ketchup

2. Designed by Belgian artist Michel Olyff, what emblem has a central square that symbolizes the results of human skills and inspiration and a circle that celebrates the gifts of nature?

 A. World Heritage Site logo

3. What term for a financial institution that has an economic net worth less than zero but continues to operate was first used by Edward Kane in 1987 to explain the dangers of tolerating a large number of insolvent savings and loan associations?

A. Zombie Banks

4. Whose ad campaign? (logo of Lego was removed)


A. Lego 

5. What were first worn by members of British armed forces in 1938 and were introduced to the US in the mid-1940s during World War 2 to allow paratroopers more room to hold radios and extra ammunitions?

A. Cargo pants

6. Which country earns 25 $ million annually by selling its domain name .co to companies?

A. Columbia

7. The Outies awards honor individual and org. that are leaders in advancing equality for whom in America’s work places?


8. Old logo of which media giant?


A. Time Warner

9. Which brand approximately 2 cm in diameter and weighs 38g was first produced in Netherlands in 1948 runs ads in India which translates to light a bulb?

A. Mentos (Dimag Ki Batti Jalade)

10. What was first started by Chris Smith, a blogger from Buffalo, New York in Aug, 2011 at a wine-shop when he organized more than 100 people to purchase items from city wine merchant on Aug 5, 2011?

A. Cash Mob

11. What term did John Maynard Keynes used in his book The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money to describe the instincts and emotions that influence and guide human behaviors and which can be measured in terms of e.g., consumer confidence?

A. Animal Instincts

12. Print ad of which company?


 A. Listerine

13. The civil and military gazette was a daily English language newspaper founded in 1872 in British, India. Which Nobel Laureate was its associate editor from 1882-1887?

A. Rudyard Kripling

14. It was founded in 1874 by Eusebio Ludvig Fronman, a monk and according to some sources; it is the busiest pharmacy in the world. The pharmacy is duty free and the most prescribed drug is valium. Where would one find this pharmacy?

A. Vatican City

15. Which personal care brand manufactured motorcycles for military reconnaissance, were designed by P.G. Tacchi, who was granted a patent for the design in 1908?

A. Wilkinson’s Blade

16. Picture of a man. Identify.


A. François Pinault

17. The name of which publishing house is said to have been derived from the 13th century mansion of William De Blemond and is also an area in London?

A. Bloomsbury

18. Michael Thomasson started amassing his hoard in 1998. In 2012, Guinness certified it as the world’s largest collection of its kind. His collection of over 11,000 units has sold at an auction for $750000 to someone using the pseudonym “peeps_10091970”. What?

A. Video Games

19. This software pioneer has launched a new messaging app CHADDER with a focus on encryption and security. Who?

A. McAfee

20. Logo of which company? (Options were Dupont, Solvay, BASF)


A. Solvay


Questions compiled by Kamanasish Chowdhury of Q-factor Knowledge Solutions.

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Pune – Regional Finals Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Pune – Regional Finals Questions


  • WINNER :

Symbiosis Inst of Media and Communication – Arjun Krishna and Ashish Vasvani


Singhad College of Engg – Aniketh R and Yash S

Regional Finals:

Round 1:

1. ‘Crest’ was a product released by this company. It became an internationally preferred product because of its use of fluoride. Which company released this product?

 A. Procter and Gamble

2. In the Insurance Sector, more specifically in rural India and Rajasthan a new category of insurance has developed. This has also led to a quick money making ideas all across India. Hint: Howard Hughes

A. Moustache Insurance

3. Dayton Dry Goods Company is the origins of this famous supermarket chain. Give us a name.

 A. Target

4. This financial institution introduced the Discover Card to the world. It grew so popular that several other institutions were compelled to issue their own renditions of these cards. Which financial institution?

 A. Morgan Stanley

5. Connect: Buderus, Junkers, Rex Roth and Blaupunkt to a company.

A. Bosch

6. Started in 1953 in Brazil, this company held its position as monopolist in the Brazilian Energy Sector. Name this company.

 A. PetroBras

Round 2:

1. This is an initiative by whom?



2. Identify the logo.


A. Co-optex

3. “Every Little Helps” is the slogan of which company?


4. With what would you associate this slogan : ‘ The world is changing the way you use us’

A. MasterCard

5. Sonic is a game with a hedgehog as title character, which company released this monumental game?


6. Who on what?


A. Henry Ford on assembly line process.

Round 3:

1. Who from the world of Tata’s bears this slogan proudly – ‘Easy on the pocket, easy on the environment’ [Buzzer Pressed]

A. Tata Indica

2. With which Tata entity would you associate M Junction and straightline.in? [Buzzer Pressed]

A. Tata Steel

3. Social Studies [Buzzer Pressed]


4. This rural initiative by Tata which designs jewellery for semi-urban and rural markets is present in 33 towns and growing.

A. Goldplus

Round 4:

1. Connect:

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 9.03.19 PM

A. Pirelli

2. Connect:

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 9.07.10 PM

A. Lenovo

3. Connect:

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 9.09.43 PM

A. Bigg Boss

4. Connect:

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 9.12.15 PM   

A. McAfee

Round 5:


a) Mark Dintenfass was the co-founder.

b)Jaws + ET+ Jurassic Park

[Buzzer Pressed]

A. Universal Studios


a) Information on Johnson and Johnson.

[Buzzer Pressed]

A. Johnson and Johnson


a) Founded in 1957 by Metro Goldwyn Mayer.

b) Purchased by Turner broadcasting systems.

[Buzzer Pressed]

A. Hannah Barbera 


Questions contributed by Nikhil Joy.

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Pune – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Pune – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER :

Symbiosis Inst of Media and Communication – Arjun Krishna and Ashish Vasvani


Singhad College of Engg – Aniketh R and Yash S

Preliminary Round:

1. Martin Sorell Acquired this shopping basket company as the front for all his subsequent major acquisitions. What company did he purchase ? (Short form would suffice)


2. William O’ Shaughnessy is an Irish physician who was famous for inventing something that was very monumental to India and the last of this service was concluded in 2013.

A. Telegraph Service

3.Who wrote ‘Purple Cow’?

Options: Tom Peters / Seth Godin / Ed de Bono

A. Seth Godin

4. Identify this lady who had a prominent big cement brand named after her.

Rajashree Birla

Rajashree Birla, Rajashree Cements

5. Brittania had tried to trademark this term but the courts denied them permissions in 2011. What term were they trying to make their own?

A. Snax

6. ‘& Pictures’ is the new movie arm of which channel, who are looking to revamp their image in India?


7. Funskool is a JV between this Indian Company and Hasbro. Name the Indian company.


8. Hoshiro Mitsunaga started his advertising agency in Japan and has now grown to become leaders in advertising worldwide. What is the present name of this firm?

A. Dentsu

9. Cavincare has begun selling this product in buckets of 1kg. This resulted in selling of which product in buckets?

A. Curd

10. Which Dairy company acquired Yo Crunch, a toppings company?

A. Danone

11. This biblical incident gave the name to which brand?


A. Samsonite

12. Its all possible is the new tagline of which Korean Electronics giant, which is looking to move from being a production oriented firm to a lifestyle oriented firm?

A.  LG

13. HUL discovered that excessive B3 exposure resulted in Pigmentation. Likewise, the opposite happens when a concoction of their new product is applied. Name the product

A. Fair and Lovely

14. ‘Roshan’ is the new mobile network of this country. Hint: India helped with their national anthem

A. Afghanistan

15. Identify the brand?



16. The British started this system to stop counterfreit products coming in from Germany. They also wanted British citizens to buy more indigenous products and hence this system came about. Which system?

A. Branding with ‘ made in ‘ tags

17. Rupert Murdoch recently tied up with which business man from India to set up an IPL style football league ?

A. Mukesh Ambani

18.  This doctor’s family now own 65% stake in the ayurvedic healthcare company he started. From being founded in 1884 to having 300 medicines sold across various parts of the world. Name the family now in control of the business

 A. The Burmans of Dabur

19. This southern mega chain of supermarkets established in 1905. They rule the roost in several southern States. This retail store began on Brigade Road in Bangalore and now has numerous products under its umbrella. Name this chain of supermarkets?

A. Nilgiris

20. [Picture] Gentleman shown in the picture is a first male in a profession where only women were employed first. What profession?

 A. Air Hostess / Flight Attendant



Questions contributed by Nikhil Joy.

Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2013 – Pune – External Track Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2013 – Pune – External Track Questions


  • WINNER: IBM – Rohit Jain and Arnold D’Souza
  • RUNNER UP: Asma Institute of Management – Prof. Raghunandan and Prof.  Sudeep

Round 1:

1.     Built by Herzoc Demeuron and the Arup Group, it is the home of Bayern Munich, a stadium with a capacity for 72,000 people. Who bought the naming rights of the stadium for a 30 year period?

A: Allianz

2.     The CEO of the company wanted a short, snappy name for the company, which conveys ‘vitality’, and can be pronounced in any language the same way, reflecting the desire of the company to gain an international position. The first name that was decided was ‘Elan’, but was later changed to its current name. What?

A: Axa

3.     This organisation was involved in mapping the Oryx DNA project, similar to the ‘Save The Tiger’ project. Which organisation?

A: The Qatar Foundation

4.     This Indian company launched a brand caked ‘Serpina’, acknowledged as the world’s first anti-hypertensive drug in 1934. Which company?

A: Himalaya

5.     ‘I.Am.Auto.’ is a car customization company, where the CEO himself partakes in the production process. Who is the man behind this?

A: Will.I.Am.

6.     This company, after great deliberation and thought, came out with the idea of ‘Maternity Leave’.


Round 2:

1.     ID this Indian personality.


– Sanjay Narang from Mars Group

2. Name the author of the book.


– Seth Godin

3. Crossword on NYT containing the entire history of the company. Which one?



4. Identify the logo.


– Brylcreem

5. Identify the man, after whom a great (clothing) brand is named.


– Vimal Ambani

6. Identify this contributor to Windows.


– Wes Cherry, developer of Solitare

Round 3:

1.     Which Tata enterprise has associations with Marks & Spencer, Mango, Zara, etc.


2.     Joint venture between Tata Group and Poltrona Frau Group, involving luxury furnishing and interior decoration.

A: Casa Décor

3.     This started out as a support system for Tata Companies (Buzzer pressed)


4.     Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (Buzzer pressed)


Round 4:


Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 2.05.38 PM

– Cholayil Group


Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 1.59.39 PM

– Tommy Hilfiger


Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 1.54.22 PM

– Tata Global Beverages


Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 1.50.12 PM

– Godrej Hershey’s

Round 5:

1.     In 1983, Kerala Newsprint Project was acquired by HPL and was named?

A: Hindustan Newsprint

2.     The name derives from the Arabic word ‘union’.

A: Etihad Airways

3.     His brother is the chairman of the Sakaal Media Group.

A: Sharad Pawar (Pratap Pawar)


Questions jotted down by Kaustuv Das.

Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2013 – Pune – Tata Track Questions

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2013 – Pune


  • WINNER: TCS – Ms.Abha Shah and Suchir Sen
  • RUNNER UP: Tata Sky – Vivek Koka and Arjun Siva

Round 1:

1.     This was originally introduced in 1951 as part of the Festival of Britain Celebrations. Because of its success and popularity, it has become a global annual event. What is this event?

A: The Miss World beauty pageant

2.     Which Indian organization owns the Screen Awards?

A: The Indian Express group

3.     This was the first European football club to come out with an IPO and listed in the London Stock Exchange. Which club?

A: Tottenham Hotspurs

4.     This subsidiary of Fosters is the sponsor on the jerseys of the Australian cricket team when they play overseas. What are we talking about?

A: Victoria Bitter

5.     Ages ago, while testing and tasting this product, a hundred caskets were laid out and all had to be sampled. Out of this one was selected. What are we talking about?

A: Vat 69

6.     Pepsi has a vitamin-enriched variation that was first seen in Back to the Future Part II. It is a fictional drink, set in 2015, and PepsiCo is considering launching this variation in 2015 to commemorate the film. What is the name of this variation?

A: Pepsi Perfect

Round 2:

1. Why did United Air name one of their planes after Thomas Stuker?


–  First person to have 1 million frequent flier miles.

2. Grit, Guts and Gumption, authored by Rajesh Chakrabarti, is a book based on which famous Indian enterprise?


– State Bank of India

3. ‘What if we were 75 years old’ was the tagline used in the vintage representation of which modern enterprise?


– youtube.com

4. Identify the brand from the image.


– Samsonite

5. Rahul Roushan, an alumni of IIM-A, started a website which was acquired by the online news website FirstPost. Which website?


– FakingNews.com

6. Identify the company.


–  Greengold Animation (creators of Chhota Bheem)

Round 3:

1.     The Tatas created an interesting concept to motivate children and inspire them about entrepreneurship. What?

A: Tata Jagrati Express

2.     In March 2009, this construction giant received the contract to supply steel for the manufacture of aircraft carriers by the Royal Navy. In the legal battle, what was the name of the applicant?

A: Corus

3.     It contains TSRF technology and destroys bacteria.What?

A: Tata Swach

4.     Nani Palkhivala was the second chairman of which Tata company?

A: Tata Consultancy Services

Round 4:

1.     When the value of investments increase, but the owner does not intend to sell the stocks anytime in the future, then that increase in profits is reflected as what sort of profits?

A: Paper Profit

2.     Cheesesteak factories have been opening across the globe due to a trend set by a popular television show and its characters. What is this credited to?

A: The Big Bang Theory

3.     Singer and actor, Dhanush, has signed on with what brand to retain the ‘freshness’ of the brand. Which brand?

A: Centre Fresh

4. Which product brand name derives its name from the bacteria Strepsococcus?

 A: Strepsils

Round 5:

1.     Founded as an American messenger company in 1907, by Casey and Ryan.


2.     Belgium conferred the Commander of the Order of Leopold II to which Indian businessman, born in 1949?

A: Naresh Goyal (Chairman of Jet Airways)

3.     The management thinker Joseph Juran first suggested this, and named it after an Italian economist. What?

A: Pareto Analysis



Questions jotted down by Kaustuv Das.

Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2013 – Pune – Preliminary Round

Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2013 – Pune Leg

Results (Tata Track):

  • WINNER: TCS – Ms.Abha Shah and Suchir Sen
  • RUNNER UP: Tata Sky – Vivek Koka and Arjun Siva

Results (Non Tata Track):

  • WINNER: IBM – Rohit Jain and Arnold D’Souza
  • RUNNER UP: Asma Institute of Management – Prof. Raghunandan and Prof.  Sudeep

Preliminary Round:

1. Who is the fashion director of Satya Paul in India?

(Clue – She is the child of a renowned cricketer and a yesteryear actress)

–       Masaba Gupta

2. It was the first place in India to screen a movie and is India’s oldest iron cast building. Sadiq Ali currently owns it. Which building?

(Clue – It is now a hotel called the ______)

–       The Watson Hotel

3. This Italian luxury fashion house is footing the bill of € 2.18 Million for the restoration of the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Which entity?

(Options – Armani or Prada or Fendi)

–       Fendi

4. Edward Snowden, now on the run, was employed with the Hawaii office of which firm?

–       Booz Allen Hamilton

5. Fill in the blank/ what is the name of the book?

(Clue – The title of the book is also the name of a film starring Charlie Chaplin)


– Gold Rush

6. In 1541, reforms implemented by John Calvin banning the wearing of jewels, forced goldsmiths and other jewelers to turn to what new craft, thereby giving birth to a industry?

(Clue – It relates to a common human accessory)

–       Watch making/watches

7. In 2013, Italian pen maker, Montegrappa released a model called number ‘4’ which recalls the legendary ‘Million Dollar Quartet’ of Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and a fourth musician. The pioneering Sun Records artists met for one occasion only, and the date on which it occurred was December 4th, 1956. Who is this famous 4th musician?

–       Elvis Presley

8. http://www.jiyobefikarchamps.com is a junior football camp by which company?

–       Bajaj Allianz

9. Lead heroine charged Rs. 11/- and the person on whom the story was based on, charged Rs. 1/-. Which 2013 film?

–       Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

10. Three letter abbreviation of book missing. What is it?


–       CEO

11. After which country is the largest selling imported vodka named in Russia, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary?

–       Finland/Finlandia

12. British fashion designer is making ‘futuristic’ uniforms for 7500 crew of the Virgin Atlantic. Who?

–       Vivienne Westwood

13. Which Ad agency created India’s first telefilm Janam in 1985-86?

(Options – Mudra or Contract or Trikaya Grey)

–       Mudra

14. The tagline for Ravi Shankar’s first endorsement, which he did with his daughter Anoushka Shankar, read as “Let us bring harmony to animals”. Which entity?

(Clue – It is in relation to animals and is an organization.)

–       PETA

15. This famous personality moved to Springfield for one episode. Who?


–       Julian Assange

16. This two word term was coined in the 1940s by Hindustan Thomson Associated (JWT) to advertise for Horlicks. Which term?

(Clue – It is a two word punch line found in most nutrition lexicons. Horlicks provides you __________ _________)

–       Balanced Nutrition

17. According to a survey by Hotels.com, Geneva has overtaken Paris as the most expensive city & New Delhi, has been voted as the cheapest city to buy which food item?

–       Club Sandwich

18. According to JRD Tata, a _______ life is a part of an economic life. Which word?

–       Ethical

19. What is common to Grameen Bank, Grameen Phone, Gonoshahthaya Grameen Textile and Grameen Cybernet? It is a specific commonality.

–       Specific Grameen companies which are for profit.

20. Identify this product.

(Clue – It is the jeweled or decorated version of a simple item we consume almost daily.)


– Faberge Egg