Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Trichy – Preliminary Round Questions

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 – Trichy – Preliminary Round Questions


  • WINNER :

Sastra University – Venkatasubramaniam and Visaka Simhan


NIT Trichy – Gaurav Singh and Nikhil Somani


Preliminary Round:

1. Which company was represented in the 2013 movie- “The Internship”?

A. Google

2. Gustaf Larson and Assar Gabreilsson were the founders of which Automobile company?

A. Volvo

3. Beanstalk is the speciality toy care offering by which retail company?

A. Mahindra Retail

4. Who owns the “News of the World”?

A. Rupert Murdoch

5. Identify this non-profit organisation backed by famous Indian business tycoon.


A. Azim Premji University

6. Which American multinational company markets itself as ‘The third place’ after home and work?

A. Starbucks

7. Who owns http://www.yrfilms.com?

A. Yash Raj Films

8. Expand NIFTY.

A. National Stock Exchange Fifty Index 

9. Identify this Indian Organisation where PNB’s KR Kamath is the Chairman of this body in India. State Bank of India’s Chairman PratipChaudhuri was named as the honorary secretary. Other office-bearers of the association would be Indian Bank Chairman and Managing Director T M Bhasin, and UCO Bank Chairman and Managing Director ArunKaul.

A. Indian Banking Association

10. Which organisation is a family of five international organizations that make leveraged loans to poor countries? (Hint, three words in the name of the organisation.)

A. World Bank Group

11. Which English-language weekly newspaper refers to itself as a newspaper, but each print edition appears on small glossy paper like a news magazine ?

A. The Econmist

12. Which American company was founded by Fred Deluca and Peter Buck as Doctor’s Associates, Inc ?

A. Subway

13. Identify the company behind it:


A. McDonalds

14. Which very famous US Giant acquired Metlife Insurance business in 2013?

A. General Electric

15. Which company placed an order for 100 Airbus A320 family aircrafts during the 2005 Paris Air Show? The total order was worth US$6 billion, was the highest during the show.

A. Indigo Airlines

16. Identify the company with ‘Speechmark’ Logo.

A. Vodafone Inc.

17. This electrical engineer co-founded Sun Microsystems in 1982 and was its chief hardware designer. He later became an investor, writing the first major cheque to fund Google, and starting several computer networking companies. Who?

A. Andy Bechtolsheim

18. Which company makes the ‘Old Monk’ ?

A. Mohan Meakins


Questions contributed by Nikhil Somani. As per Nikhil “I am a final year engineering student at NIT-Trichy. Have just put my baby steps into this amazing world of Business Quizzing. Love to read about the business models, entrepreneurial stories, technological innovations and advertising campaigns. When it comes to attending quizzes, I am driven by the philosophy- You win some and lose some, but make sure you never miss one! (Infact, found this philosophy on a post in Crucible Chronicles 🙂 )”