The Why

The biggest inspiration for a musician is the rasika, the audience the music lover. Similarly for the quiz it is the quizzer/audience who sits through the till the end of the quiz – appreciate the thought, research behind the questions, critic on the quality of the question and conveys the full extent of the kick of having to know something new about something you did not know a few hours prior.

In tune, we wanted to celebrate the 10th Edition of Tata Crucible 2014 with a small dedication to it by chronicling the different legs of this edition by a review of the quiz in all the cities Crucible travels to this year. We expect to update the reviews real time as soon as possible just after the quiz. We greatly appreciate you spending some time in writing a review to the quizzes and be part of our small dedication to the tenth year of this quizzing movement!

One thought on “The Why

  1. You guys are doing an amazing job…It’s kind of a ritual for me to visit it once in day and see all the amazing questions you have posted.

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